Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Knowledge Without Mileage Equals Bullshit

Henry Rollins said that. I ran across it a few months ago, and it's one of those things that stays in my head because it's true.

I'll have to admit, the more I read the Manosphere, the more contempt I have for it. The worst of the fanatics have little knowledge, and even less mileage. Yet they think they've found the Keys to the Kingdom. Hardly.

They're convinced they've found the key to women: "alphas," "the Dark Triad," "hypergamy," the rest of that babbling. Some try to "correct" me, with no idea what fools they are making of themselves. I've got the mileage. They don't.

But ancient wisdom? Clueless. What the Bible says about women? "Never read it." Greek mythology? Huh? What?

Let's take the blind Greek prophet Tiresias, who of course was a fictional character who embodied eternal truths. He spent time as both a man and woman, and was struck blind by Juno when he commented that women enjoy sex nine times as much as men. I first read about him when I was sixteen.

Look at this way: Some women can have multiple orgasms. Men can't. Women can have sex with five or sex guys in a row. Men can't have sex with five or six woman in a row..

When women become "feral" sexually, it can destroy society. When women are allowed to do what they want, they never attempt to channel sexuality into something productive and happy. Instead, it's all about increasing excessive sexual freedom and license. It's one of the reasons women can't maintain society and instead destroy it.

Have you ever seen a feminist who wasn't a libertine? And when men become libertines, too, then society is teetering. And a lot of the Manosphere, in its blindness, encourages that. In in many ways it's the mirror image of feminism.

I started running across these feral, promiscuous women when I was 12 or 13. That's what I mean about having both knowledge and mileage. (As an aside, my father grew up in the late '40s and early '50s, and he told me things that made my mouth drop open. And I thought I got around).

The concepts in the Manosphere are a mental map that the believers impose on reality. It is not reality itself. They don't even understand that. They think it is reality itself. The closer it conforms to reality, the better it works. But it is never reality itself.

Another example? The belief that women like "confident men." That was covered thousands of years ago with the Four Cardinal Virtues: confidence (courage), justice, prudence, self-control.

They all go together. To the extent you lack one you lack all of them. You can't have courage without prudence and justice and self-control. This ancient wisdom noticed these things for thousands of years, and I have noticed the truth of that wisdom many times.

And that is why Rollins was right: knowledge without mileage is bullshit. Knowledge and experience is what counts. Not imitation and memorization with no experience.


earl said...

Hit some of these guys with Biblical truths or common sense that doesn't line up with game. Watch how they react.

It is very much like telling a feminist their mode of thinking is wrong.

Mindstorm said...

http://scientiasalon.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/the-extreme-warrior-gene-a-reality-check/ - perhaps you would like to comment about timeless truths about this issue?

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece Bob. I've often noticed that a lot of writers in the Sphere tend to promote excessive hedonism and selfishness, then turn and talk about reclaiming civilization- by doing things that are easy and fun but don't assist in reclaiming civilization. I thought I was the only on that noticed this.

As far as cardinal virtues go, confidence is the only one many seem to be interested in. I like the Sphere a lot, but some of these contradictions are stark. You cannot contribute to the decline while reversing it.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I think you and a host of others get frustrated because you want the manosphere to evolve into something it’s not.

The origin of “manosphere” is womanizing.

It’s not about being a better man. It’s not about acquiring wisdom or improving your career. It’s not about physical fitness, finding a good wife, or raising good kids. It’s not about being virtuous. It’s not about reclaiming western society or fighting feminism. It’s positively not about men’s rights or MGTOW.

The above goals may be good but, the monosphere is the wrong venue. The sphere is supposed to be libertine and hedonistic.

Unknown said...

If that's all it is, it's as destructive and evil as feminism.

Anonymous said...

Bob is right about that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a fan of the manosphere and know ancient wisdom > manosphere > modern "wisdom". For instance Quintus Curtius, who posts on the manosphere site returnofkings, talks about history, virtue, etc. Seems pretty good. Krauser likes Mencken etc. I echo earl in that Biblical truths, common sense would be very valuable-- but not because I'd throw them away.