Monday, January 12, 2015

"It's Your Fault If Men Ony Want Sex From You"

"1) You’re either boring, uninteresting, or you put in no effort and the guy is turned off by that, but wants something out of his waste of an investment."

"2) You’re terrible at choosing which men to go out with."

"3) You’re not attractive, and you’re aiming way too high. You’re delusional in thinking that some thin, handsome, charming, popular stud would want anything from you other than sex. 95% of the time, a high value man does not want to wife up an unattractive woman. It’s the way of life, just like models wouldn’t want me. Deal with it."

The quote above is from the article. It pretty much mirrors my experience.

I've mentioned before my last year-and-a-half in college I lived in a studio apartment attached to a houseful of girls. It was an eye-opening experience.

Let's take Number One. Some of the girls in the house were pretty attractive but sat there like bumps on a log. They were boring. Some of them were interested in me but I wasn't interested because they were boring, and then they got mad at me. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," you know. For that matter, those particular girls couldn't find a guy at all. Some guy would come over and fuck them, and then the girl would never see them again. The girls thought they were being "used," but it never occurred to them they were boring and sometimes unpleasant.

Two: I've seen that, too. I've known women who saw the same guy for years, were going to marry them, then he bailed at the last minute. How would a woman be involved with a guy for so many years and not know what he is?

Three: that's a big one. The worst PUA I know, who've I've written about before, has had sex with over 100 women (this is why I know the so-called PUAS of the Manosphere are liars and frauds). This guy was quite good-looking, but he was a charming, insecure coward - and no "Alpha" at all. He would target women far less attractive than him and make them think he was interested. In other words, they set their standards far too high, and he took advantage of it. They also couldn't see what a douchebag he was (this is related to Number Two).

There is something else he doesn't mention: being a slut, and being a boring slut. I've had more than one naked woman jump in my bed. One in particular, who was 19 when I was 21, later admitted there had "been a lot of guys." Other than the sex, she was boring. Of course, no guy would stay with her.

Then there are the non-boring sluts, who can be charming and witty. I've seen more than one guy be seriously interested in them, because even if a woman is rather slutty, if she is charming and interesting and funny, guys might forgive the slut part because funny and smart and charming and interesting is such an exceedingly rare gem.

This article is from Dropping Knowledge.

Let me first say that this article is referring to women who are young, attractive, and in decent shape. If you don’t fit those categories, it’s still your fault that men only want sex from you, but for other reasons. I’ll get back to that at the end of the article.

I’m going to explain this as simply as possible.

Let’s say we met online. You made a generic dating profile where you talk about how much of a foodie you are, that you love to travel, and that your favorite hobbies are “music” or “going out”. Or maybe you didn’t really write much at all. After all, the messages pour in regardless. We messaged you first since you refuse to do that (unless the guy is a model, claims to hang out with celebrities or makes $100,000 according to the social experiment I did with a fake profile).

Whether we met online or on the streets, we took all the risk in approaching you, knowing when to ask for your number, deciding when to text/call you, and eventually asking you out. We planned the whole date(s) out ourselves, trying as hard as we can to make sure that we treat you to a fun and exciting night without breaking the bank. We paid for everything as expected, as women usually don’t pay for anything until after someone is already dating them. We picked you up and drove you home, or we called you a cab if we don’t drive.

The entire time we had to be 100% perfect. Interesting, charming, funny, flirty but not too aggressive, sweet but not too nice. You couldn’t take the lead in a conversation, so we constantly had to think of things to talk about which is tough to do and can be nerve-wracking, and leads to more risk of saying something dumb that turns you off to us. All it takes is five minutes of boredom, or one corny joke for a woman to pass on you. You couldn’t put your iPhone down during the entire date, and you never even offered to pay for a single thing during the entire duration. If you did offer, you weren’t genuine and hoped we wouldn’t allow you to pay. Call this the ‘dating subsidy” that all women inherently receive. Now, that money stays in your purse to be spent on other things like brunch or $10 cruelty-free cupcakes.

You loved our date, and you thought we were very intriguing. Yet, you didn’t reward us for being a good guy by let’s say – planning out our next date by yourself, or inviting us over for a home-cooked meal that you tailored to our tastes, or to watch a documentary about something you’re really interested in and would love to teach us about. I’ve invested my time, energy and money into you, and put myself on the line just to get it this far in the first place. You didn’t put in any effort whatsoever, other than creating your “quirky” OKCupid profile, or giving me your number at the bar. You got pretty for me, and showed up. Your immaculate presence is enough effort. What did you reward me with at the end our date, or at the end of the next one? YOUR PUSSY! That was the reward. That’s it. All that work for something that I could get for free and with minimal time input by just going to a bar and running the right game on a horny drunk chick who had a bad week.

Now, I may think you’re pretty and I may have had a good time with you, but I’m not impressed. You had nothing to talk about (besides your own life) or teach me, you’re not assertive, thoughtful, understanding, or really that interesting. You may not be boring and you may not suck – but you’re no different than any other girl I can pick up on the street. Maybe you’re not a basic bitch (many of you are), but you’re just not special. Men value uniqueness and a sense that they’ve almost gotten lucky when meeting someone. Nobody wants to feel that their girlfriend could be easily replaced by millions of other women.

I’m obviously not going to date a girl like you, since when it comes to relationships high value men will only wife up a girl who is truly a gem. This is also why you like us so much. You’re attracted to the fact that we don’t wife up the first pretty girl who gives us a chance, like most men do.

Now, since my investment has already been established, and I think you’re good, but not great, and I’m not interested in sitting through another date with you nor putting in the time and energy to make it happen – why wouldn’t I just go for the pussy? I might as well get SOMETHING out of the time, energy and resources I spent on you. All of that could have been spent on someone else, and depending on what we did – maybe now I’m too broke to go on another date for a little while. Thanks. Most of you can’t even plan a single date let alone initiate anything or put in any effort whatsoever, and you wonder why so many of us only want the pussy? How can you be mad about men trying their luck in today’s climate where women want random sex just as much as men do. Why should we court you when you weren’t extremely amazing and unforgettable, and your effort was so low that you couldn’t even initiate a freaking text message?

Do you know what would happen if I met a girl, whom after taking out on a nice date, contacted me and asked ME out? Not even to a fancy place, or dinner, maybe even just to her house to see her artwork, or to have a picnic or some stupid shit. I’d probably ask her to marry me. Why? Unlike women, to men it’s the effort that counts. It is so rare to find a woman who will act like she actually gives a shit about getting to know you and is willing to accept at least SOME of the burden and responsibility when it comes to the dating game. All too often, they’re so used to being coddled, smothered and complimented by hundreds of men a week, that the entitlement and ego explodes to ridiculous proportions. If a date goes bad, does the woman ever get blamed? As long as she showed up looking like her pictures or didn’t walk in with pajamas on, I’ve never heard of such a thing.

The entire responsibility of us having a good time is placed SOLELY on us. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. So, if you’re attractive and nice but you’re still single and guys keep just trying to fuck you, there are a few reasons why:

1) You’re either boring, uninteresting, or you put in no effort and the guy is turned off by that, but wants something out of his waste of an investment.

2) You’re terrible at choosing which men to go out with.

3) You’re not attractive, and you’re aiming way too high. You’re delusional in thinking that some thin, handsome, charming, popular stud would want anything from you other than sex. 95% of the time, a high value man does not want to wife up an unattractive woman. It’s the way of life, just like models wouldn’t want me. Deal with it.

With the constant attention women receive on social media, dating sites, and in the real world, you’d think they were all celebrities. If you’re hot, young, and live in a metro area and you’re still single but don’t want to be – it’s probably your fault. If every guy you meet keeps trying to fuck you and wants nothing but a pump and dump – it’s your fault. The fact is, if more of you were in fact the gems you think you are – you wouldn’t have this problem. Good dudes recognize an interesting, assertive, fun, passionate, smart, and funny woman. That’s why all the girls who fit that description who I’ve grown up with are usually married by 25, while the ones who aren’t like that are boning strangers with the pipe dream that one will commit well into their late 30s. Then you’ll see them complaining “where have all the good guys gone?”, while putting in zero effort other than making a dating profile with which they STILL don’t message anyone or put in any effort, try way too hard to be “quirky” and say the same exact things every other chick says.

I’d probably have half the number of sexual partners if more of you would have been interesting enough to get me to NOT want to fuck you. Get it?

No matter how equal women become, they will NEVER share the burden and responsibility that men have when it comes to the dating game. That’s just life and I except that. I’m sure it changes when you’re older and women see their biological clocks ticking, but who wants to wait to date someone once their beauty fades? The women who constantly have high value men competing for them and seeking relationships with them are the ones that get it. The ones who are constantly complaining about being “used for sex” and meeting shitty men are the ones who don’t.

Yeah, some girls are shy and scared. So are men. No excuses. Yeah, some women are introverted, but so are some men. If you’re going to expect us to all be charming, talkative, socialite studs who always have something to say, then we should expect some things from you too.

I’m tired of hearing women bark about how gender equality but only when it benefits them because when it comes to dating even the most progressive women prefer to be submissive. I’m tired of hearing ladies complain about how they can’t find a good man, but yet don’t even TRY to look for one – and then when they do find one they often spoil it by lack of effort! Instead of admitting that they ruined a great opportunity, they will just rant that the man wasn’t interested because men are pigs who only want “young, dumb and sexy women” or that they can’t handle a “REAL woman” – all while their dumbass girlfriends enable their stupid decisions in life by agreeing with them.

If you put in a little effort, you’d be surprised what could happen.


Black Poison Soul said...

You just burned down every girl in existence - apart from the Unicorns. So totally true.

Anonymous said...

".. but he was a charming, insecure coward, and no ALPHA at all.."

Perhaps, this is the root of your misunderstanding. PUA is learned behavior, an ALPHA doesn't need to learn the techniques of pickup, either because he learned them from a male role model or its just natural instinct that behaviour. ALL PUA are applying learnt techniques.

Unknown said...

I misunderstand nothing. You misunderstand probably everything. There are no "alphas."

What some advice? Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit. Henry Rollins said that. I have mileage. You clearly don't.

earl said...

My #1 indicator that a girl liked me...

She actually contacted me for a date or initiated something. If I was doing all the lifting chances are she'd eventually turn me down or I would leave.

earl said...

'Yeah, some girls are shy and scared.'

Even that isn't really an excuse. Shy and scared girls are most likely that way because they haven't found a man they want yet.