Monday, January 19, 2015

How to Get Laid a Lot

I have slept with about one-quarter of the women I could have. Why not all I could have?

Because to get laid a lot you have to lie to women. Tattoo that on your brain, because it's true. You have to tell what what they want to hear. And since so many women are greedy, lazy, envious, vain children, you have to appeal to that.

I've mentioned before about the must successful PUA I know. (I will again repeat he ruined his life because of it). He was good-looking and fit (also necessary) but more than anything else he lied to women. He said he told them "what they wanted to hear." That's a direct quote.

He told them he was going to be a doctor (actually podiatrist) who wanted to make a lot of money, have a home and wife and children, but also wanted to support his wife in what she wanted to do. It was all lies. He pretended to be a feminist, but at the same time a traditional provider. The girls ate it up, even though he was a cowardly douchebag (I am reminded of the nutcase Hugo Schwyzer, who did the exact same thing my friend did).

My friend, who is cowardly, impulsive and imprudent (what PUA isn't?), really did a number on his life. He whined he "got a taste of my own medicine." To him women were Narcissistic Supply to fill the void were his character used to be.

The sites that tell you "chicks dig the Dark Triad" and "insanely confident men," and "Alphas" - they're full of it. Such men only appear to have strength of character to naive women. It's all fake. Inside they're as empty as balloons. And a lot of women are conned by the trappings of masculinity and don't recognize the real thing.

It's not all the hard to lay a lot of women. Be pretty good-looking, stay in shape, dress well - and more than anything else - lie through your teeth. You just have to be a lowlife, one willing to ruin your life just to get a lot of pussy.


The Obvious said...

Like Schopenhauer said, women think the appearance of something is the reality of it.

Ras al Ghul said...

Have you looked at the behavior of the women under 30 these days?

On the surface, they appear the same way as women always have both good and bad, but they have notch counts that are huge (like sleeping with a different man every week and they all see the men that sleeps with them having high notch counts and think all men are like that).

Their personal lives are train wrecks and then somewhere around 30 they have as Rollo describes it "the epiphany" their looks are fading and they want to lock down a guy.

Its not like it was

Anders said...

insanely confident men because they are adept confidence men playing the confidence game right back at the deceitful creatures we know as women. Game is just a game of attrition.

rkshanny said...

Sounds like potential TROUBLE to me!

Unknown said...

So these 'men' are actually the serpent. Women who don't make God and their man a priority in their life will fall victim...just like Eve.

Robert What? said...

Well if you are going to ruin your life, I guess lots of pussy is as good a reason as any. Har!