Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Trolls of the Manosphere

I've been reading the Manosphere for about a year. I find some disturbing things in it. For one, I believe a fair number of posters who pretend to support the Manosphere really want to destroy it and destroy men. They're trolls.

The Manosphere is in response to feminism, which has severely damaged women and men. So, there is a lot of good in the Manosphere. Yet I also see a lot of bad in it.

I keep seeing the same comments over and over, always by "Anonymous" or someone with a fake name. The comments are always the same: all women are hypergamous, all women want "alphas" and hate "betas," women are incapable of love or loyalty, they're "sluts" who ride the "cock carousel," who look for "alpha fux and beta bux," who love guys who exhibit "Dark Triad" traits.

It's almost as if several dozen people are reading from the same script. And that is a definition of a troll if there ever was one.

Why would trolls do this? There are people out there - leftists - who want to destroy Western culture. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them were employed by the government/corporations/the wealthy elite (all the same thing).

One of the best ways to do destroy society is to destroy the basis of all societies - the family.

Feminism has done a fine job of destroying men, women, their relationships, the family, and children. (By the way, a lot of feminism was funded by the government.) The trolls of the Manosphere look to be finishing the job - and why should they not be funded by the government? They're trying to inculcate the hatred of and contempt for women among men, just as feminism inculcated the hatred of men among women.

I've seen the results of feminism - hostile middle-aged spinsters with no husband, children and home, living alone in an apartment with a cat, stuffed to the gills with psychiatric meds, hating men and blaming all their problems on them.

I've also seen the results of 40 years of feminism among younger men: playing exhilarating video games and avoiding women. For an example I recently had a father tell me his 20-year-old son was sent to a seminar with several of his friends. His friends didn't want to go out and explore a new town: they wanted to stay in their hotel room and play video games. These are the young adults who only want to make enough to get by because it is no longer worthwhile to work hard, because they get almost nothing in return.

But what is the Manosphere telling these kids today, who never learned what it is to be a man? When it comes to women, pump 'em and dump 'em. Be a PUA. Be an "Alpha." Show "Dark Triad" traits (which is, "Act like a psychopath"). Women only want money and status. All of them have "rationalization hamsters." They're whores and sluts. Don't marry them. Don't have kids. The women will dump you to "trade up."

All of it is dangerous,deluded nonsense, and those who are espousing it because they really believe in it are fools. All women, including innocent women, are being degraded, dehumanized and demonized.

Men who fall for this will end up hating women. This is exactly what the trolls want. Then we will get less marriage, less children (and more screwed-up children), less of everything good. Society and culture - which men created - will go backward.

It's a given. Just wait and see.


Anonymous said...

"Men who fall for this will end up hating women. This is exactly what the trolls want. Then we will get less marriage, less children, less of everything good."


Wouldn't have it any other way. I make no secret of my desire.

Death to the anglosphere.

Fidel said...

Marriage is good?

Anonymous said...

Moreover, wallowing in negativity consumes the person. So for all the enlightenment, the end result is a vicious cycle of misery.