Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why Women Damage and Destroy Everything They Meddle In infinitum, ad nauseum.

When there are too many women in a field, they always damage or destroy it. Why? There are only a few reasons.

One, women are natural socialists. Two, they are ruled by their feelings first, reason second. Three, they think they are always right. Four, they place security above freedom. All four of them, when together, are very bad things. And in a woman, they are always together.

Being natural socialists, they think everyone should be equal. That is one of the basic tenets of leftism, which is why leftism is feminine even if a man believes in it. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, who everyone should read, defined leftism as "an attack on the Father."

When you apply leftism to society, you always get a collapsed society.

When you apply leftism to education, you get female teachers (and their mangina supporters) trying to turn little boys into little girls, usually through the use of extremely dangerous psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin. That way, everyone will be "equal," although the female teachers define equal as "everyone acting like a girl."

Having a few female teachers is fine, but having too many female teachers is not only not fine, it is dangerous, mostly because they have no idea how to handle little boys. Which, sweethearts, ain't that hard.

Second, women are ruled by their feelings first, then by reason. It's a brain thing. An illustration of that is the classic line in As Good as It Gets, when Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) says he understands women so well because he thinks of a man and "takes away reason and accountability."

Any woman who is honest with herself knows she is ruled by her feelings, so if she has any sense she will wait a few hours and try to reason out whether or not she is right. Or, she can just ask one of those Awful Things known as a man.

As for women always thinking they are right, Carl Jung that was women's greatest flaw. Which is is. The other side of that coin is "It's somebody else's fault." If you think you are always right, then somebody else must be always wrong, so they have to be the cause of every problem.

This is why women always blame their problems on men, even when it's clearly the woman's fault.

The late humorist Stephen Leacock wrote this about a hostile woman who thought she was always right and blamed all problems on men: "She went on to explain instead that when women have the vote there will be no more poverty, no disease, no germs, no cigarette smoking and nothing to drink but water. It seemed a gloomy world." You betcha. Does that female world sound familiar today, with male females like the mayor of New York banning too-big bottles of soda pop?

There is a famous comedy performance called "Defending the Caveman." Rob Becker, who created it, said that in one performance, when he commented that while men find women mysterious, women think men are always wrong, a woman stood up in the audience and shrieked, "They ARE wrong."

Four, women place security above liberty. This also is dangerous. Men created civilization, society and science and technology. They did it by being innovative, by exploring and doing dangerous things. You will never see a woman jump out of a balloon 23 miles up, as Felix Baumgartner did.

Women created none of these things because they don't have the ability. This is not due to thousands of years of oppression. It's because men and women have different brains.

There has never been a matriarchy, contrary to the hallucinations of those who think one has existed. There has always been patriarchy. Because, whenever any society gets close to being a matriarchy, it collapses before it gets there. That's why our society is close to collapse.

I'll close with something else Leacock wrote: "Let the reader remain agonized over that till I write something else."

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Women natural facist by nature.