Friday, October 30, 2015

"World’s Most Innovative Universities"

I'm not going to post the article because it contains a lot of pictures and graphs. I will say that Russia and China are not the threats that the paranoids think they are. For one thing, there is an old saying, "Whites create and Asians copy." It's true. And Russia is still socialist, not to mention a dying country. And China is trying to boost its population because it is aging.

Please remember when a child is born it takes about 20 years - if not more - until that particular human becomes productive.

"Innovation is the lifeblood of the global economy. It is what drives the advancement of better technologies, improved medicine, streamlined services and most new products and solutions." __ Reuters

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kurt9 said...

I agree that Russia and China are not a threat to us. However, they could still do a lot of damage to us if we were to get into a war with them. This provocation we're doing in the South China Sea and with Russia over Syria and Ukraine is entirely unnecessary and pointless.

Unknown said...

Yomama might try to start something but I wonder what the military thinks of this half-breed POS?

Rusty Shackleford said...

"And Russia is still socialist.."

But who cares? By aspertarian standards every country that's ever existed in the history of the world has been socialist. Socialist is just a word that libertarians use when they mean to say "bad." Russia is the only major european country that isn't ashamed of its history, culture, religion, race or ethnicity. It has a leader who acts in his country's interests and who isn't a whitie hating racist or a dyke. When the US and UK are gone and when Germany is an Islamic republic, Russia will still be there.

"not to mention a dying country."

Whether that's true or not, we are in worse shape. The birth rate of non-hispanic whites is just a tick higher than that of Russians. But a country can survive falling birth rates. What it can't survive is replacement on a genetic level by way of mass migration. Which country will have a non-white majority by 2050, the US or Russia? In another couple elections we'll be electing presidents who make Obama look like a reactionary. The US is a dead man walking.

Unknown said...

"Which country will have a non-white majority by 2050, the US or Russia?"

If that happens they will collapse into nothingness, with savage tribal warfare.

Oh, I forgot - it's not going to happen. Linear cause-and-effect only works in playing pool.

Rusty Shackleford said...

Well, okay, anything could happen, but this is pretty much done. Already more than 50% of US children under 5 are non-white. The death rate of white Americans now outnumbers their birth rate. The current projections are actually that the US will have a non-white majority by 2044. The fertility rate for non-whites immigrants dwarfs the white birth rate. Changing the demographic future to favor whites at this point would involve not only shutting down legal immigration, deporting illegals, abolishing the 14th amendment, but also a massive white baby boom. Where is the political will, the economic/cultural situation that would allow this? By what realistic political/demographic scenario that you can think of does the US avoid a non-white majority? We can't even protect our borders. Every current political trend points towards the US importing even more refugees/immigrants/workers. Look at what a total catastrophe having the wrong leader at the wrong time has caused for Germany's demographic future.

"If that happens they will collapse into nothingness, with savage tribal warfare."

It'll probably be like the current situation in southern California or worst case like South Africa or Rhodesia. Why should white people stay and fight when they can just move somewhere else? Probably there will eventually be some sort of regional breakup of the US like with the former USSR. Some good might come out of it.

Glen Filthie said...

A failure, on your part, Unca Bob, to understand the modern power structure. China is in a position to make Uncle Sam chit in his boot and eat it - both militarily AND economically.

The clippers are on the same economic trajectory that Japan and Korea travelled. Their goods are cheaper than anyone else's. True, they have some QA/QC issues, but quality of their goods is going straight up. The Big Three are paying sullen union slobs . $65.00/hour to push a broom, and the union slob hates them for it. The Chinese are paying their workers a bag of rice a week and they are taking pride in their work.

Militarily they have America easily outnumbered and outgunned. Tech is great, but it can and has been trumped by numbers and by motivated opposition. Today America is losing wars to fig farming goat felchers in Iraq and Afghanistan. If America can't handle pikers like those, China will kick the stuffing out of you without even breaking a sweat!

That is a lot of firepower that they are sitting on and that is what makes me nervous. 15 of the 20 dirtiest cities in the world are in China. 15% of the water coming out of the tap in China is potable. Because traditional Chinese families favour boys over girls, female infanticide has been going on for two generations and the next one will literally grow up with not enough women to go round. It's going to be Mutiny On The Bounty and when that power house explodes - as it surely must - it could set the stage for the next world war. Japan is chitting bricks and they damned well should - Japanese atrocities in China during WW2 are still fresh in the minds of the chinaman and there will be hell to pay for that eventually too.

I would be prepping and buying silver like mad if I were you. Yes, it is going to get that bad.

Rusty Shackleford said...

"The Chinese are paying their workers a bag of rice a week and they are taking pride in their work."

What, like the workers who commit suicide in Apple's Chinese prisons/Ipad factories? Where do you get this stuff, Glenn? China and Russia don't need to fight some gigantic, idiotic ww3 conflict with the US. All they have to do is watch us implode. They're laughing at us.

"The Big Three are paying sullen union slobs . $65.00/hour to push a broom, and the union slob hates them for it. "

The average UAW worker doesn't make $65 an hour. You can arrive at something like that figure by aggregating how much the big 3 pay in salaries, benefits, insurance and retiree benefits for all former workers per worker. Further, the cost of labor is a small part in the final price of a vehicle anyway. Why are you so outraged, though, at the idea that an average guy who puts in his time would be making a good living? Unions are good for blue collar whites, and that's all that I care about. They make it easier to afford marriage and families, to retire in dignity and they enhance ethnic solidarity.

So of course the unions had to be busted. The one thing that every political party in America has a love for is driving down wages and breaking up white solidarity. A lot of people think that turning the US into a low wage, overcrowded, multicultural disaster filled with division and distrust was some sort of accident. It was the plan all along.

oven middle class said...

we've been seeing headlines recently that "boots are on the ground" in iraq. made in china boots with american feet perhaps. much of the tech we depend on is made with materials and parts sourced from china. once the balloon goes up, logistics collapses. we're fucked.

Unknown said...

Basically all of the so called superpowers have weaknesses. Many of which are continued to be exploited.

Glen Filthie said...

Those suicides you refer to, Rusty, would be slave labourers. In China, if you are a good for nothing criminal miscreant - the state puts you to work and makes you productive. Here in North America we elect trash like that to political office! If they can't do that they get a bullet in the back of the head and pushed into a ditch and forgotten about - which is what SHOULD be done to human trash - the idiot libertarians and ACLU types be damned.

As for your unions, they are more responsible for today's cellar dwelling cellar-dwelling millenials than indolent parents. You could give three kids good, well paying jobs for the price of one union slob. Unions reward seniority rather than merit and protect the deadbeat - don't try and tell me otherwise because I've worked for them and refuse to do so ever again.

Nobody has ever busted a union. They bust themselves and even if they don't eventually they kill the companies they work for. They are solely responsible for the American slide in auto making and pretty much every other area of manufacture. Their final extinction is just a matter of time really - as our host has opined previously, 3D printing and CNC type technologies are literally going to put industrial manufacturing within the grasp of the cottage industry. I smile when I see factories close and and union slobs locked out - they have only themselves to blame.