Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Lot of Criminals Are About Three Years Old Emotionally

I was raised in a criminal town and knew (and still know) a lot of them. I have found many of them are stupid and impulsive. They're children in adult's bodies.

This is from EvolutionistX (good article, by the way).

“Not retarded per se. My personal experience is most criminals stopped developing emotionally at about 3 or 4. They live life for the moment, think only of themselves, have no impulse control, can’t control their emotions, throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way, can’t think past the next 10 minutes, don’t understand consequence, etc…… They are basically little children in adult bodies. Of course, most 3 or 4 year olds are better behaved than the average criminal, but you get the point.”

“I found that better than 90% of them were functionally illiterate, so when they say reading is fundamental, they aren’t kidding!”


Anonymous said...

Just curious, how many of the criminals were women?

"... women remain children all their lives,..."
- Arthur Schopenhauer in "On Women."

Anonymous said...

The thing is the crimes women are most likely to commit are not punished at all (abortion, divorce, false accusations).

Anonymous said...

I also think that women are more covert than men, and they can get away with criminal behavior and being deceitful without getting caught.

Mindstorm said... - offtopic. A perspective on fundamentals of quantum physics that is independent on the existence of the observer, or rather one that makes the presence of an observer a special case of a more general principle.

Mindstorm said...

“I was darn close to driving a taxicab,” Lloyd said.

You might find this especially amusing.

Black Poison Soul said...

In other words, Narcissists to an extreme?

Mindstorm said...

There is no 'gender equality' in sentencing for the same crime.

Unknown said...

'I also think that women are more covert than men, and they can get away with criminal behavior and being deceitful without getting caught.'

Along with that when they do get caught they can also play the emotional card and sway men's decisions or rationalizations.

Nonetheless they'll still be caught by the just judge. We all do.

Unknown said...

"Just curious, how many of the criminals were women?"

Not as many as men, but they still were children.

Unknown said...

You'll find that criminals in general are not very smart. The famous stereotype of super genius Arch Villains like Professor Moriarty or even Hannibal Lecter are only interesting because they're unusual. Most criminals have not given up a lucrative career to pursue a life of crime, and let's face it, if someone was actually smart and engaged in criminal behavior you probably wouldn't know about it, because they would probably not be caught. Guys like psychopathic killer Ted Bundy get away with it, unless the police get lucky and a victim escapes.