Friday, October 2, 2015

Love and Death

I'm at the age where there are about one of me for every two women. As a result I get hit on about once a week, at work, in stores, in coffee shops, on the streets, in parks (one moaned she hadn't had a boyfriend "for seven years"). They tell me about their lives out of the blue. They even hit on me when I'm with another woman.

These women are always never-married, or divorced, or their husbands have died.

A lot of times they try to give me food, of all things.

On the other hand, some of these woman try to kill me. They're full of hate and bitterness (their friends and even families describe these women as "high maintenance," which means overdressed with clownface make-up and a bad attitude) and they're in a rage I don't meet their standards - standards from when they were 18. So they act like they want me to die.

I used to be half-owner of a floral shop. Our complaints (always from women) to compliments ran 10 to 1. Not good enough flowers - more, more, more! Gratitude and appreciation - they apparently never heard of it.

But now, when men aren't buying them any more flowers - or anything, for that matter, their attitude changes and all of a sudden they're desperate.

These days, they either want to love me or kill me.

Decades ago I told a friend of mine, "When we're younger women mostly have the power. But when we got older, we have it. So I wonder how they're act?" Now I know.

A noticeable number of young women are too busy abusing young men to realize what's going to happen when they hit the Wall. But they always find out.

I feel like I'm in a Woody Allen film - or an Alice Cooper song! Love and Death. Ah, well - c'est la vie!


Anonymous said...

"A noticeable number of young women are too busy abusing young men to realize what's going to happen when they hit the Wall. But they always find out."

It amazes me that so many young women don't understand that they are on a clock, and destined to hit The Wall, most often sooner than they think. They have a window of prime appeal to men, 18 - 26 or so. When they're over about 25, that's when they start to see the competition from younger women for men they find attractive for marriage. An older, desirable guy with options will almost always choose the younger, prettier woman, with rare exceptions - It's in a mans' biology.

Many of today's young women have mothers who are feminists, so they are being given wrong advice about dating, relationships and marriage. A normal man will not wife-up a woman he has no attraction or physical chemistry with. Despite what women are led to believe, a man does not really care about a woman' achievements or degrees, they're a nice plus though if he finds her physically appealing. But, if there is no physical chemistry, no amount of achievement or college degrees will make him attracted to her.

Feminism has led women to wrongly think that they can run and manage their lives like men, when they can't.

Mindstorm said...

Not two women for each man of your age?

Unknown said...

I changed it.