Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jeb Bush Has Punchable Wimp Face

Anonymous Conservative refers to the r-selected as "rabbits" because they turn out like this because of the West's riches and "free resources." He's right.

Personally I can barely stand looking at Bush because of that wimpy face. For God's sake, this pussy listed himself as being "Hispanic."

I'm glad Trump is whipping his ass. Two generations of Bush imbeciles is enough.


Anonymous said...

If we elect another Bush or another Clinton, we unquestionably deserve whatever disasters head our way in the coming years, because either family's re-election to high office would be incontrovertible proof that we don't care a fig about corruption, incompetence, and borderline treason in our highest elected officials.

The death of moral outrage is perhaps the surest sign of our dying empire.

Unknown said...

I find most of the Republican candidates, with the exception of Trump to be absolute pussies or completely full of shit. And I can see why people like Trump, if you recall from the first debate when he spoke about illegal immigration, the other candidates scoffed at him and even gone so far as to say it isn't as big of a problem as Trump made it out to be. Only that by the second debate they were all talking about illegal immigration. What is making Trump successful in the debates is he is leading the discussion, he's holding his ground on issues, and he's calling out people when they lie or twist what he says. We haven't seen someone like this since . . . .

I like Carson, but he's trying to be a politician and he's failing at it. He's also trying to find his voice amongst that crowd and it's not working for him. And finally we have Chris Christie. This guy has so much impacted fecal matter that it's just spewing out.

And then we have The Hillary. In short, she's a corporate whore who is only famous because of her husband and dad.

And then there is Berny. He's trying to use the same campaign strategy that Obama used the first time, which is to promise the gullible and imbeciles the world. And he won't be able to deliver.

little dynamo said...

Well what did he do in life? Did he run a taxi company? No. Did he drive a cab and make his fat ass useful? No. Did he serve his nation humbly and honorably in the military? No. But take him seriously because Bush. He's a 'governor' because, see take seriously.

Like Obama, he's accomplished nothing on his own... the Repub version of soft privilege. The right likes to slag JFK but did Jeb Bush run a riverine during an active war? No he wrote a book and called it Profiles in Character. Then wants to be president.

Sometimes, you have to stand back in awe of the presumption of these dorks.