Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Understanding the Caveman and Cavewoman

Throughout history, all goddesses were dual: there was always a positive and a negative aspect. Kali is a good example: half of her arms gave, the other half killed. The question is: why?

Since these goddesses are representations of characteristics in women, this means “the feminine” is both nurturing and murdering. I suspect one reason for the latter is because many women are natural socialists/fascists (women are the ones who voted Hitler and Obama into office, not men) and this is these days not repressed or changed into something better by our culture. Another reason is that many of them think men are always wrong, which is another way of saying women think they are always right - so they have to blame their problems on men.

I discuss the natural socialist/fascist aspect first.

Socialism is the attempt to “take care” of everyone. Many thinkers have pointed out it’s an attempt to take family values, especially feminine values, and apply them to society, by fraud and force if necessary. That quite often led to horrendous slaughter. How can the attempt to nurture and take care of people lead to horrible slaughter?

Perhaps it is because the feminine desire for complete security means there can be no freedom. The best example I can think is the Borg and the Borg Queen, who is actually very seductive - a siren, if you will.

The Borg Queen does not believe in freedom. None. She believes in womb-to-tomb security. Since people are contradictory in the sense they want freedom and yet want to submit to authority, the only way the Borg Queen can eradicate the rebellious desire for freedom is through advanced technology – the brains and bodies of her subjects have been so altered they cannot rebel.

This means, in a sense, the Borg Queen has “killed” every one of her subjects so they can be absorbed into her socialist “paradise.” This is exactly what happened in Russia and China: those who could not be absorbed were killed. Most especially, the rebellious were killed.

The feminine attempt to nurture (and this feminine exists in men, too) is fine for children, but it does not work on adults. Since the political ideologies in Russia and China were leftist, this means, politically, leftism is “feminine.”

Then we have the female belief that men are always wrong.

There is a one-man play called “Defending the Caveman,” which I have never seen. But I once heard the writer/actor who created it interviewed on a comedy show.

He said that while men consider women mysterious, women consider men to be just plain wrong. He also said that when he once said this on stage, a woman in the audience stood up and yelled, “They ARE wrong!” (which I find odd, since men invented everything is the world, which freed both men and women from slaving away just to stay alive).

Although I have never investigated it, I wonder if the author has been influenced by Carl Jung, who once wrote that while women are indispensible biologically since they have the babies, men are indispensible culturally since they invented everything.

Both Jung and one of his interpreter Marie Louise von Franz, said one of the main difficulties for a woman is to give up the belief she is always right. Jung call this a “sacred conviction,” that many women have. This can certainly be interpreted as meaning, Men are always wrong. He also wrote if they never give up this belief they will never be happy.

“One may suddenly find oneself up against something in a woman that is obstinate and cold,” von Franz writes.

I probably first noticed “something in a woman that is obstinate and cold” and the “brutal emotional scenes” when I was about 12. I have seen it several times since, which really isn’t much, thank God. But I have seen it, and used to wonder what it was, until I understood Jung and von Franz.

Some of the negative qualities of the animus (the "feminine") are:

empty talk
silent, obstinate, evil ideas

Some of the positive qualities of the animus are:
spiritual wisdom

Bizarrely, I have seen both the negative and positive qualities in the same woman, and not in mild degrees – in extreme ones. In all those cases – thankfully, very few – I have been attracted to, and admired, the positive qualities, and have been driven away by the negative ones. Hence the saying, “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

Writes Erich Neuman in The Origins and History of Consciousness, “Since the unindividuated woman has not consciously developed any of her symbolically masculine qualities (e.g. logic, leadership, need for independence), her personality is apt to be taken over or ‘possessed’ by these qualities at times, so that she appears opinionated, argumentative, or domineering to others, though she will not think of herself that way. In the words of Jung, ‘[J]ust as the anima of a man consists of inferior relatedness, full of affect, so the animus of woman consists of inferior judgments, or better, opinions.’”

"But," writes von Franz, "if [the woman] realizes who and what her animus is and what he does to her, and if she faces these realities instead of allowing herself to be possessed, her animus can turn into an invaluable inner companion."

The key is this process for woman is that she must question her most sacred convictions, e.g. believing men are always wrong (which again also means women have a strong tendency to blame their problems on men). “Only then can she accept higher wisdom from the unconscious that contradicts the opinions of her animus,” writes Fenn.

Now for the anima in a man. John Beebe writes, "I find it helpful to think of the anima as the emotional attitude a man takes towards anything he reflects upon...." This of course can be negative or positive.

In the words of Demaris Wehr, the anima leads a man "into unexplored depths of feeling, relationship, and sensitivity. . . . the integrated animus leads a woman into the world of the spirit, erudition, and the power of the word."

In my words, a man learns feeling from his mother, the close women in his early life, and his romantic attachments. For a woman, from her father, the close men in her early life, and her romantic attachments, she learns courage, initiative, objectivity, and spiritual wisdom. If she does not have these things, she can retreat into a dream-filled cocoon of what she believes could have been, instead of engaging in life (my experience with these women is that they become envious and hostile).

As I see it, a man has to learn how to love women, and specifically, one woman. You can see this in more callow teenage boys and college students, who are interested mostly in having sex with women (the more silly in the Manosphere encourage this). Then they suddenly fall in love and are changed.

Men who cannot love women, for whatever reason, and instead hate them, become at their worse the woman beaters, the rapists, the serial killers, the white slavers (which is why we need to keep such people out of this country). Their anima has been horribly warped, perhaps always by chronic abuse at the hands of women.

A woman who has a warped animus can become reckless, engaging in brutal emotional scenes (which they often claim is “honesty”), full of empty talk and those silent, obstinate, evil ideas. At the worst, I have seen them become feminists and sluts, among other things, ones who actually hate men. And to them, men are always wrong, and often wish to control, dominate or destroy them – as I have seen some mothers do to their male offspring.

"By nursing secret destructive attitudes," von Franz explains, "a wife can drive her husband, and a mother her children, into illness, accident, or even death."

Not at all surprisingly, you can see the amima/amimus projected into politics. Liberalism, which is feminine, is, in its extreme form, full of brutality, recklessness, empty talk and those silent, obstinate, evil ideas. It also believes those who disagree with them are always wrong,

I look for root causes. If the anima in a man is warped, and he has no capacity for personal love of women, then his anima was, in my opinion, warped by the women in his early life. Perhaps not always, but enough to make it close to a rule.

If the animus of a woman is warped, and she has silent, obstinate ideas about men, and thinks they are always wrong, and is opinionated, argumentative and domineering, then she was probably in some degree suffered from a poor family life. Since leftists want to destroy the family, this means they have no idea what they are doing.

What all this means, of course, is that no one can be whole unless they become aware of the negatives about themselves, and overcome them. It applies not only to people, but also to societies.

Jung called this “a transformed state of consciousness, relatively whole and at peace." Not perfect, mind you, but you really can’t ask for much more than “relatively whole and at peace.”


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob - love the blog! It was your interesting insights in Cappy Cap's comments section that brought me here.

Look to Sweden for a graphic illustration of female evil and female arrogance. The Swede fellas handed over the reins of society to their chicks. They decided that what their peaceful prosperous society really needed was thousands of turd world Moe's.


The rate of rapes skyrocketed, and by a truly crazy coincidence the perpetrators were overwhelmingly *ahem* non-indigineous citizens. Now here comes the female arrogance: Instead of confronting the problem (the one they created themselves), they merely double-down on the insanity......threaten to ostracized and/or imprison anyone who has the audacity to commit Steve Sailer's "crime of noticing".

~ Uncle Waspy

Mindstorm said...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anima_and_animus - brush off your Jung, Bob. Of course, I find Jung (like the rest of the psychoanalytical tradition) to be 'not even wrong'.

Mindstorm said...
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Mindstorm said...

All that I see in the ideas of Jung is guesswork and murky definitions.

Unknown said...

Jung was one of the first to point out women are biologically indispensable because they have the babies and men culturally indispensable because they created everything.

Mindstorm said...

It seems that Jung took the Oriental dichotomy of yin-yang and ran away with it. :)

Mindstorm said...

Check the symbolism of the two small dots in the middle of the fields of opposite color in the yin-yang sign.