Friday, December 5, 2014

Loners, misfits, nerds and girls

"The team started meeting after school. Its attendees were a rag-tag group: loners, misfits, kids who would rather be there than go back home. In 2003, the team roster included a former gang member, an ROTC cadet, a brainiac who lived in a shed, and a hulking giant of a kid who said next to nothing. The unlikely foursome started gathering spare parts from local hardware stores and businesses. Before long, they’d cobbled together an impressively robust underwater robot. They entered a major national underwater robotics competition in California and ended up beating MIT to win the national championship."

I'll bet these teens weren't popular with girls. So what happens?

Click HERE.

Did these girls even say "thank you"? The boys did 98% of the work.


Anders said...

Yeah, that article reeks of bullshit. Same story as it always is, women claiming credit for something they didn't do. Delusions of grandeur abound as they stand on the shoulders of giants.

earl said...

127The other story about the unlikely guys coming together to build robots is much more interesting than the girl story with false claims.