Friday, December 19, 2014

I am the Magic Caucasian Man

Some years ago I was in a Walgreen's in a mostly black area when I saw a middle-aged black woman heading straight for me. I thought, "She's targeting me because I'm white, but why?"

Turned out her ancient SUV wouldn't start, so ask the Magic Caucasian Man to do his White Man Voodoo and fix it!

Turned out she was parked on an incline, couldn't even turn her key, and I immediately diagnosed torque lock. I bounced her car back-and-forth until it started, then advised her to take it to the shop and have the problem taken care of.

This isn't the first time this has happened to me - white women, Asian women, black women.

The whole world looks to the white man to fix everything. Kipling called it the White Man's Burden, so it's nothing new.

Yet there is a downside to the much of the world seeing the White Man as some sort of magician. Envy, as I've written about before. Which is why we see all these attacks on Dead White Male Slave-Owners, blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Perversely, those who are benefited are rarely grateful. This has been noticed and written about for a long time. Kant wrote about it. Kierkegaard wrote about it. Schopenhauer wrote about it.

They claimed it was because many people can't stand admitting someone is superior enough to them to give them things. They can't be grateful for it. Instead they've envious. Biting the hand that feeds them, you know.

There is no cure for any of this, just amelioration. For one thing, there should be no welfare for foreign counties. We're just making enemies out of them. In their envy they want to bring us down, even if they bring themselves down.

And we don't need to let such people in the U.S. We're cutting our own throats.

I'd settle for those two things. Because, ultimately, the envious want to kill you. Honestly, do you want to be swarmed with Morlocks?


Anonymous said...

We already are.

earl said...

I'm beginning to see how destructive envy is...especially when it is coupled with pride.

kurt9 said...

Bob, I agree with you on this 100%.

Black Poison Soul said...

@earl - false pride and false self-esteem, layered upon top of selfishness, all trying to hide the rotten core of envy.

Black Poison Soul said...

Because in the end, it's pretty damn obvious that White Males are better than everyone else. We build and fix shit. We do stuff that actually has worth.

I sometimes wonder if that's a big reason why American males are a huge hit in Asian countries. In fact, in most countries other than the Western world. They're not completely spoiled by envy, and are quite willing to trade their sexuality for the better life that they desire.

earl said...

'false pride and false self-esteem, layered upon top of selfishness, all trying to hide the rotten core of envy.'

Oh you mean the Dark Triad?

Anonymous said...

The best places to live are countries ruled by white guys. The worst places to live are counties ruled by yellow, brown or black guys.

It's time white guys started dumping the yellow, brown and black guys into a pit disappearance.

What will happen instead? White guys are pretty damn dumb, so they'll kowtow to feminism and multiculturalism. What does that mean? White men will go extinct.

It's too bad white men have too strong an alliance with doing the right thing. If white men would stand up and act on their own behalf instead of everyone else's, the professional victims (the yellows, browns, blacks and women) would die out pretty fast.

I'm so fortunate to have lived in a time where the yellows, browns, blacks and women didn't have major control over my life. I can retire in peace.

I feel really bad for the future of white men that follow my generation, however. You guys are screwed so bad. You'll pay the majority of taxes and live the worst of lives to keep up with the victim class.

White men that work hard and follow the rules, these days, are the biggest idiots to ever come into existence.

Mindstorm said...

No ongoing welfare for foreign countries. Disaster relief is OK, if not overdone.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous

The white men who work hard now also secure for themselves a society later. Go to anty multi cultural country like Brazil or south Africa. Yes it is mostly poverty, but you find enclaves where white people live in a small community that is safe with a much higher standard of living then the rest of the country.

Go watch any Mexican soap opera on your tv, all the actors are practically white. Go look at some semi famous to famous asian celebrities like Kristin Kreuk, half white. Even the current president is at least half white despite blacks pretending he is exactly like him.

Eventually the white community will get so small that America too will be like that. The whites living in gated enclaves not letting even the rich blacks in, similar to the case with that neighborhood in south Africa that denied the south African black millionaire from entering their community. There comes a time when even the remaining white people, cause we are going to drop in number, will not take to living next to blacks even if they can dribble a ball really well or vomit a stream of words called rap.

No matter which country it is, whites end up near the top, with stable closed off comunities. Yes it is not perfect, but it is what it is. We are not majority by numbers in the world and never were, but our in group preferences always lead us to forming advanced societies. That white chick with the half black baby is eventually going to merge into black culture completely, with all that comes with it. The white man banging the asian check is going to pass on his seed yes, but several generations down, his descendants will be indistinguishable from the rest of asia. Heck even the black guys who lust after white girls, or asian girls lusting after white boys will have to go back to their own kind once the supply of white people dwindles. And that's why they are afraid and try to get a piece before it runs out or we close our doors. At the end of the century the white neighborhood is the highest standard of living to anywhere on the planet no matter it's flaws.and people instinctively know this.

Anonymous said...

"At the end of the century the white neighborhood is the highest standard of living to anywhere on the planet, no matter it's flaws, and people instinctively know this."

Yeah! Duh! No wonder every single country, once ruled by white men, is being taken over by women, blacks, browns and Asians. These folks come with a built in psychopath gene. What does that gene dictate? The murder of white men.

Look at every single country ruled by blacks, Asians, and/or browns. Each is an abject failure and depends on the utter destruction of their enemies to survive. Each depends on communism, Marxism, or socialism. Each depends on genocide. They're even threatening nuclear annihilation of counties that negatively affect their Marxism, Communism, Socialism or genocide.

Dear God, all I want is a team of Aircraft Carriers, a fleet of air to ground bombers, a gaggle of tanks, and a few good men. Trust me God, if you give me this shit, I will destroy every single negative impact aligned against the forward progress of society for two, maybe three decades.

White people are too damn nice. The browns, blacks and Asians are going to take great advantage of that.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, all I want is a team of Aircraft Carriers, a fleet of air to ground bombers, a gaggle of tanks, and a few good men. Trust me God, if you give me this shit, I will destroy every single negative impact aligned against the forward progress of society for two, maybe three decades.

I personally need the following to wipe out the Chinese, the Iranians, the N Koreans, the Iraqis, the Russians, the Afghanistanians, the feminists and all the rest:

To wipe out the dastardly - especially the feminists, Iranians, Chinese and Russians:

A multi pronged aircraft carrier fleet, comprised of 15 carriers, with 30 hunter killer subs and 3 ICBM subs each. The usual accoutrements ships of course (oilers, CIWS, and the rest. The Navy guys know what I'm talking about.) What I say goes in terms of Naval power.

Air Force Power - I need the best of the low observability bombers - obviously. Nevertheless, what I'd need most of all is the best of the best of the dog-fighters. Taking out the enemies air force would be my #1 priority.

The game plan: Go right for their jugular. Bypass any conventional warfare. Wipe them out with tactical, nuclear, overwhelming, unbelievable, utter world ending, life destroying, Chinese/African/Islamic/Asian/Mexican/Spanish annihilation. You phucking punks think whites are going to die en masse so that you can live off of our contributions? If you do, you bring nothing to the world but unfathomable pain.

Count me as the first to pick up his arm, form a fist and thrust it towards you in a lethal way.

Elspeth said...

Flip side of the coin, as m husband is routinely asked for help by stranded women of various races. People generally trust very handsome faces, male or female, and he has one.

If he is anywhere near home when a woman in a parking lot asks him to give her a jump or help her change a tire, he calls me to drive over: "The last thing I need is her claiming a black dude did something to her."

If I am out of reasonable range, he tells her he can't help her and leaves her to find someone else to do it.

In an inner city neighborhood, for better or worse, and whether I like it or not, a white dude seems like a safer bet than any other man in the room. And that's sad to me, but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

"And that's sad to me, but it is what it is."

That's why you see both white women and men rising up with both black and white women on current cultural issues.

White women and white men are being shown that both brown and black women and men want a world in which both white and black people exist on a lower lever to blacks.

Ever wonder why blacks sold their own as slaves? Ever wonder why blacks hope to bankrupt whites through welfare?

Here's who I hate:

I hate black men.

I hate black women.

I hate yellow men.

I hate yellow women.

I hate brown women.

I hate brown men.

I most hate white women.

Do you know why I hate all of the above? Cause each is a manipulative, lying, soul sucking, victim. The only people that forward the world in a positive way are white men.

White women are those that attach their carts to the white man's back - so white women align with the lowest of the low - hoping the browns, yellows and blacks don't notice how dumb they are.

Anonymous said...

Let me say -

most unquestionably, without any chance of misrepresentation through psychological illness or weakness -

that if a woman falsely accuses me of rape, I will, without hesitation, not only kill her, but everyone she's ever known -

all throughout her life.

I hope I've made myself perfectly clear. If someone accuses me of a heinous crime, my life is over. If I was falsely accused, that will mean the the lives of many innocents will also come to a horrific, bloody, unspeakable end.

I hope you don't doubt my words. I'd kill as many as I could without hesitation.

Jesse Matthew going postal should be first and foremost in your mind.

Never accuse someone falsely. Or, do it and reap what you've sown.

Anders said...

@ Anony 529pm: Dude, you're thinking way too big with all that battalion stuff, but you're on the right track. You need to start small and work your way up starting with your own fire team; about 3 to 5 men you trust well and build from there.

dds said...

So very true.

Envy is the basis of liberalism and demands for equality.

Envy is the reason anti-whites want 'Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone'

No all white anything is based in envy and hatred for whites.

Black Poison Soul said...

@earl - "Oh you mean the Dark Triad?"

You know, I hadn't thought of it in that manner. The female version, hmmmm!

Unknown said...

The female version of the Dark Triad is feminism.

Cheech And Chong Found God said...

I pray for anony's soul. Most disturbing anti-Christian rhetoric.

kurt9 said...

The worst places to live are counties ruled by yellow, brown or black guys.

I lived in a "yellow" men place for 10 years (Japan). Japan is a nice place. Taiwan is not bad (although a bit messy). So I disagree with your comment about the "yellow" man. I consider the East Asian people (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) fully equal to myself (a white man). I agree with everything else you say.

Perhaps we should talk about a greater east-west alliance. Call it GEWA. Perhaps we as white men should seek alliance with the yellow men as they share many of the same traits (work ethic, smarts, desire to improve themselves, etc.).

marlon said...

Yet the yellow men and women keep moving west, by the tens of thousands, away from their fellow equals in Asia.