Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Humiliation and Revenge Led to Two Murdered Cops

I predicted it.

Michael Brown got what he deserved. Eric Garner did not. How could the police not know a man that fat and old would have health problems? They didn't think it through. They not supposed to. They're supposed to follow orders. They didn't have a thought in their heads. What sort of brain-dead cops throw a man down for selling loose cigarettes? Aren't there any real crimes around?

Garner was not killed by evil cops. He was killed by cops following orders. It's a way of avoiding responsibility. The Nazis used that excuse at Nuremberg - and got hanged anyway.

Cops have been shooting dogs and murdering people for a long time. I knew that revenge was coming, and that's what we got with those two dead cops in New York. Now the order has come down in New York to "avoid unnecessary arrests." Oh really? It's about time.

When people are oppressed and humiliated enough, revenge always follows. Oppression always leads to resentment and revenge.

The clip above is from one of my favorite movies - The President's Analyst. Arte Johnson plays an assassin working for the feds - the government. He uses the excuse of every bureaucrat - "Rules are rules!"

The government has a monopoly of force. That's a bad thing. It's always gets out of control. Those who use force, unfortunately, always think they are doing good things.

I've thought for years the way to deal with these problems is to fire 90% of the police and arm all the citizens. You'd be amazed at the change that would happen - and all of them would be for the better.


One Fat Oz Guy said...

There was backlash after the whole Muslim extremist hostage situation when a politician said that it wouldn't have happened if people were allowed to carry weapons.
Amazing how people rallied behind poor misunderstood Muslims with the whole I'll ride with you hashtag, yet a guy suggesting we should have a means of protecting ourselves is slammed.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

The police have been coming down more on small operations that have been flying under the radar (avoiding paying taxes) and have been coming after them. Sounds a lot like Mafia protection tactics.

Glen Filthie said...

Ya think so Bob?

I dunno if I agree. Guns tend to civilize white men but I don't know about blacks. Africa is chock full of niggers with guns.

No, our cops aren't thugs. What happened to Eric Garner was an accident. As stupid one, but an accident none the less. For it to be a crime there would have to be a motive, the means and the opportunity. What do cops get out of killing negro trash? Other than harassment in court, loss of job and pay, etc etc? Shit happens, especially to stupid people - the kind that tend to reside in vibrant communities if ya catch my drift. If you're a cop that has no choice but to deal with stupid people - you're bound to get some on ya.

If you think what happened to Garner was unfair - just wait until you get those vigilantes you're jonesing for, Bob. Are they going to be trained to deal with violent suspects? Or will they shoot first and ask questions later?

There's a lot of stuff going on here and a lot to think about.

Anders said...

Glen, I agree with you about Eric Garner, but that is it.
As far as cops being our friends, GTFO with that bullshit, man. You either believe 2nd amendment to the Constitution is law are you don't. The gun grabbing all started with that Brady cunt and labeling all firearms as "assault weapons." Then we have this CCW permit shit. If law abiding white people had access to whatever firearms they desire and could carry open or concealed where ever they feel like going, we would not be dealing with this multicultural shit we are dealing with now.

Glen Filthie said...

I believe in the rule of law, Anders. I believe in the 2nd Amendment too - I'm a gunny myself. But none of the articles of your Constitution give you the right to break the law or refuse a lawful order given by a peace officer - which is how all these stupid accidents start. Eric Garner didn't die because he was black; he died because he was a stupid ass selling illegal cigarettes and he resisted arrest. Darwin and Murphy did the rest.

I am looking at the black communities filled with "Obama's children"...and the 2A won't help them. All that happens is that you get rival gangs fighting pitched gun battles for drug turf - which is a microcosm of Africa.

The fact is that the best way to deal with the African American and his penchant for the Law Of The with strong arm cops. As we see in Africa, that is the only way any semblance of any law can be held for Africans. If you give them guns, responsibility, and democracy - the vast majority of them won't be able to handle it. Look at what is happening now, right in your own Whitehouse: Obama is wiping his arse with the Constitution and undermining democracy; he blames GUNS for black crime, and all the problems plaguing his administration are the fault of George Bush, racism and white Americans that cling to their bibles and guns.

I'm afraid that with all these black martyrs it is time to call a spade - a spade.