Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Have Sex with 100 Women

"The 'alpha, beta' thing is nerd shit" - Jacob Vidrine

I know guys who've had sex with over 100 women. Here's now they did it.

First, they were cowards. One writer said the male version of a female slut was a coward. He was correct in his assertion, but the correct word for a male slut is not a coward (although he is a coward) but a cad. For that matter, sluts are also cowards.

Second, target overweight, unattractive women, since they are the easiest to lay.

Third, have no concern whatsoever for women's feelings. (That's why it helps to target the unattractive - what should you care since you aren't taking them seriously anyway?) The more deluded in the Manosphere think women are attracted to Bad Boys (the more immature are) but the other side of that coin is to be a Bad Boy you have to be a narcissist or psychopath and are therefore incapable of love. (There is, by the way, a lot of very bad advice in the Manosphere.)

I remember one guy in college who wanted one of the women he was banging (he saw two or three at the same time, but led each to think they were the only one) to leave, but didn't have the courage to tell her he wanted her to go. So instead he called a friend of his (who happens to be my best friend) and asked him to come over.

This guy (who I will call Pat) asked my friend (who I will call Greg) to say he wanted Pat to go do something, allowing Pat to get rid of this girl. So Pat told her he was going to leave. He needed backup to screw up the courage to tell this woman goodbye.

Sound complicated? It gets worse. The woman in question, who I will repeat thought Pat was her boyfriend, wrote Pat a note saying she believed Greg was trying to come in-between her and Pat. Which he was.

The reason I know about the note is because Pat showed it to Greg – and Pat laughed about it. This is the kind of backstabbing, lack of loyalty and cowardice that are the hallmarks of the cad.

By the way, the more ignorant in the Mansophere call someone like Pat an Alpha. I snicker at the definition. Alphas don't exist.

No man is an "Alpha." If you want to use those terms, all men without exception are simultaneously Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, Sigmas and Omegas. The terms do not clarify but confuse.

Remember I said Pat was a coward? Once he and a girlfriend were walking down the street and passed two guys. One said to Pat: "Your chick's ugly" and the other laughed. Pat said nothing and kept walking. I have never been talked to like that and if I had been the guy would have gotten it right in the shin - which I have done before and prevents any fight from starting. And if you take out the Big Mouth the others back right off.

This kind of cowardice was one of the main characteristics of Pat.

The reason they said "Your chick is ugly" is because Pat would target unattractive women. He told me he "didn't care" if they dumped him because they were overweight and unattractive. Probably 90% of the women he laid were in that category.

In fact, all the seducers I've met always targeted the less-attractive women. It is an impossibility to a man to have sex with 100 beautiful women.

Remember I said he was seeing two and three women at the same time? He told me he lied to and manipulated women. He told them what he described as "what they wanted to hear." That he wanted to get married, make a lot of money, have kids, have a big house and nice car, support the women in her career, etc.

Every bit of it was a lie. He knew they were lies, didn't care, and thought it was funny.

So he was a coward, a liar and a manipulator. He just happened to be charming.

I have thought for years the seducers never particularly liked women. They got along better with men. They were even more trustworthy with men, which is ironic since they're not trustworthy with women at all.

Even with men Pat is what the British call "unclubabble," because men saw through him in a instant. I got red flags on him within hours of knowing him. Even some women saw through him, as in the case of a 20-year-old girl who said he had a permanent sneer on his face.

The more deluded in the Manosphere refer to Pat and his kind as an Alpha who showed Dark Triad characteristics. They don't know what they are talking about.

The Dark Triad are supposed to be Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. That combination is nonsense.

Machiavelli was a political thinker and is to political science was Newton was to mathematics. His thought has nothing to do with narcissism and psychopathy.

For that matter, narcissism and psychopathy are redundant. They're the same thing, except that psychopathy is just the extreme version of a narcissist. Let's just say to be a successful seducer of women you have to be cowardly, uncaring and cruel - and being all of them is easy.

There is nothing admirable whatsoever about a psychopath. A psychopath has no conscience and no guilt. They are not capable of love. Neither are narcissists. The only thing they are interested in is power, domination and control. And isn't that what the terminally silly think an Alpha is?

The worst of psychopaths are the serial killers. Some of them eat people and have sex with corpses. They often torture them to death, dismember them – and then eat them or have sex with their body parts (Jeffrey Dahmer said doing this was "pleasurable").

An Alpha with Dark Triad traits would be Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. They were handsome and charming and popular. And people wonder why I laugh at so much of the Manosphere.

Psychopaths and narcissists are weak people. They are covering up unbearable feelings of humiliation with a grandiose false self. This is why there exists the observation that all bullies are cowards. And it's why Pat was a coward. Inside he was one of the most insecure men I have ever met – which is why he tried to get his self-esteem from going to woman to woman. It's called "narcissistic supply" and it doesn't matter who the woman is.

Pat was having an affair with his secretary, who made a bad mistake with Medicare, leading to Pat having to pay back $50,000. It destroyed him. Most men would pick themselves up and keep going. Not Pat. He was, and is, a weakling.

A good illustration of this bully on top/coward underneath is the movie, The Maltese Falcon. Bogart is continually needling Wilmer the Gunsel, going so far as to tell him, "The cheaper the hood, the gaudier the patter."

Gunsel doesn't mean Gunman. It means passive homosexual. The word got past the censors, who apparently thought it meant "gunman."

What Bogart was telling Wilmer, in modern terms, is "The cheaper the punk/pussy, the bigger the mouth." Bully on top, insecure, humiliated coward underneath.

This observation applies to a lot of the Manosphere. "I delude myself I'm an Apha with Dark Triad traits because in reality I never learned to be a man and have been humiliated over and over by women." Insecurity hidden by grandiosity.

If you want an easy way to understand what is generally wrong with a society, look at the monsters. John Douglas, the retired FBI profiler of serial killers, and the author of several best-selling books, stated that every serial murderer he encountered was an “inadequate” type (i.e., he felt humiliated) who covered it up with grandiosity (i.e., an immense Satanic pride) and sought revenge on anyone who reminded him of those who believed caused his problems in the first place. What, then, is generally wrong with American society is a mostly-unconscious acceptance of humiliating people.

All of the Manosphere is a reaction to the evils of feminism – and feminism, since it is leftist, is about 99% evil. But it goes too far.

You know what happened to Pat? He became a drug addict and lost his teeth. He ended up without home or wife or children. He told me, "I finally got a taste of my own medicine." He said if he had to do it over he would have been a high-school coach.

I found some of these guys were viciously envious of me, because I got the best girls, the ones who saw through them, rejected them, and ended up with me. They have no problem with rejecting women but can't tolerate it when they are rejected. That is because of their poor self-image. (I have found I have been the target of a lot of envy from men about women, and it got to the point I considered these guys to be weak, sickly, dysgenic males who are eaten up by envy of everybody and everything.)

You might also want to investigate the life of the late porn star John Holmes, an "Alpha with Dark Triad" traits, who had sex with a few thousand women, who died in his early 40's from AIDS, who was a drug addict, who beat women and was involved in a murder. He also continued to perform when he had AIDS.

Those who knew him said he was a psychopath. He showed every trait.

I'm going to repeat again all this "Alpha with Dark Triad" traits is nonsense. Dangerous nonsense. History has shown it is dangerous nonsense. Both the Greeks, the Romans and the Hebrews – and our society was strongly influenced by all of them – noticed that those who devote their lives to physical pleasure become degraded. Like Pat, like John Holmes.

Why do so many men in the Manosphere fall for this nonsense? Because, as John D. MacDonald noticed in his novel, The Green Ripper, people are "herd animals, social and imitative." That is, for the ones who can't think for themselves, which is why I've had the deluded quote the exact words of "alpha fux, beta bux," "negging" to prove you're high-value to women, and other silliness they picked up from someone on the Internet, including nihilistic frauds like Roissy who just happens to be a funny writer although he is almost completely lacking in any wisdom.

As for Roosh, he recently blogged: " matter how much alcohol or caffeine I pump into my body, no matter what artificial flag goal I make, no matter how much I abstain from masturbating, and no matter how I try to jack up my testosterone levels through diet or weight lifting", he no longer could find women as desirable, displayed sexual dysfunction, and admitted his current state was that "like an addict coming off a drug."

I predicted this, not because I have any special predictive powers, but because the entire history of the human race predicts it. As a reviewer at Amazon put it about Roosh's book, Bang, "should be a warning shot to anyone who aspires to a life of reckless promiscuity, sexual compulsivity, and a life seemingly committed to nothing more elevated than bedding a woman for self gratification and bragging rights."

When anyone points out how foolish some in the Manosphere are, they react as religious fanatics do - attack whom they consider blasphemers and heretics snickering at their religion. These attacks will consist of calling the critics everything but an Alpha or a Sigma. I will repeat: these are the tactics of those who cannot think for themselves and so imitate and memorize the ideas of others.

The word "Alpha" comes from canines and refers to the parent wolves. If you transfer that to humans what you come up with is a patriarch/protector. That is the true Alpha, not some guy who imitates and memorizes every silly idea in the Manosphere and then deludes himself he's really an Alpha/Sigma who'll get the chicks if he gets applies some Game.

All of this discussion about what a man is supposed to be was covered thousands of years ago, and they did a better job than those discussing it today. If I had to describe what a man is supposed to be in two words, it would be confident and competent and brave - to the extent he can be.

What they came up with is the original Code of Chivalry (not the modern perversion) and the Four Cardinal Virtues (you can look at the Aryan Code of Honor for the more pagan among you).

I'm curious as to where all this will lead. There is a lot of good in the Manosphere. There is also a lot of bad. The challenge, as it has always been, is to tell Good from Evil.


Anonymous said...

You have some interesting thoughts on alpha that I agree with and have never been able to express into thoughts as concise as yours. The concept is hilarious, but in the end, it does get the females right or wrong.

Where did you get your 126 IQ tested?

Yes I know the following article is written by Karl Rove and he is a master of propaganda, but you talk of using an imagination. What if it's true. Do any of your opinions change. Maybe Bush isn't what you thought he was. Sure the consequences of his actions were terrible, but hind-sight bias. I am in no way a fan of his or Obama's, but I do think they try to do what they think is best. That is the scary part.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to link the article...

Unknown said...

Everyone who has gone to public schools has had two or three IQ tests. The administration just doesn't tell you. The SAT and ACT are IQ tests.

AW said...

Lot of good ideas in here, but honestly, they're the type of ideas I usually see in guys with poor social skills who badmouth players out of jealousy. I used to be like the Pat guy; I've reformed a lot and don't hurt people like I used to. I can vouch for a lot of this stuff, but you fail to notice that these guys really, really enjoy flirting with women and make women extremely happy with their attention. You've fallen for the number one trick in the book: Believing that women are all lonely and miserable, desperately searching for commitment. This is projection, flat out, and it belies a fundamental misunderstanding about how women work.

Not to mention, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, and Narcissism have very well-established psychometric definitions. Kind of weakens your argument to say "psychopathy and narcissism are the same thing." Well, the APA disagrees with you and we're on their turf right now.

Unknown said...

You might want to stop projecting your problems on me. Machiavellianism is not a recognized disorder and narcissism and psychopathy are the same thing, except psychopathy is just the extreme version of narcissism. I was never jealous of Pat and those like him. I felt sorry for them. For one thing, they had seizures when I just the best girls, the ones who rejected them and wanted me. They were jealous of me, not the only way around. So much for your analysis.

Fred Savage said...

Lol. Poor Bob. Must suck to be you, nerd!

Unknown said...

Fred Savage? It must suck to pretend to be someone you are not.