Friday, May 24, 2013

The Manosphere Isn't a Religion. It's a Cult.

"I am holier than thou, therefore I should command thee."

"By a pharisee, I mean people who claim that they know more than others, therefore should be obeyed, that they are more virtuous than others, therefore should be obeyed, are holier than thou." - Jim's Blog

One of the main characteristics of a cult is that it has an arcane private language that doesn't have much to do with reality, although the members are convinced it is reality. Think of Scientology and its bizarre concepts.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux," hypergamy, rationalization hamsters...these are concepts without much in the way of referents, which means they are words that don't "point" to much in reality. Example: I've had people tell me that men who murdered children and women are "Alphas." That's just bullshit. They're murderers, plain and simple.

The more our concepts conform to reality the better they work. "Jumping out from a plane without a parachute and floating down to earth" is a concept that does not work, just as "Women are hypergamous untrustworthy whores who look for Alpha Fux and Beta Bux" is a concept that not only does not work, but will also poison a man's soul.

This private language allows the possessors of it to feel superior to Outsiders. "I know the Truth, and they don't! How superior I am!"

It also allows the deluded to define themselves as Alphas and Sigmas ("How superior I am!") and the heretics/blasphemers as Omegas, Gammas, etc. It's called scapegoating, and it's the basis of human sacrifice. Unbelievers cannot be tolerated and must be attacked, ostracized and expelled.

Then there are cult leaders. There are always the cult leaders. Their acolytes believe they possess the Ultimate Truth and so their followers gather around, memorize their beliefs and then imitate them. Think of Roissy, who is a nihilistic destroyer.

Everyone has a philosophy of life that they live by, whether or not it's conscious, whether or not it's articulated. Many of the ideas in the Manosphere, not-good ideas, have been articulated so the simple-minded can memorize them.

A religion is supposed to refine the beliefs and make them simpler to understand. Cults go the opposite way.

When a belief system becomes ossified it's all over for it. It will ultimately be replaced. The Manosphere is already ossifying with its cult language and cult beliefs. The believers in its concepts already cannot change their minds, since they are convinced they know the Truth. And nothing can change the mind of anyone who's already convinced they know the Truth.

And a lot of the Manosphere, with its bizarre ideas, disgusts the smarter, and drives them away.


Wyowanderer said...

"And a lot of the Manosphere, with its bizarre ideas, disgust the smarter, and drives them away".

That's the plan-to keep those smart enough to do it well away.
Much like public schools.

Anonymous said...


Take the use of the word "Alpha" as a case in point. In the "cult" the skewed definition of the word is in essence the "Pick Up Artist", the P.U.A.

I live amongst wolves, literally. I see them at least four to five times a month. The place is in the Northern Rockies and surrounded on all sides by the National Forest.


What's here? Alpha wolves. Big males that the pack follows or the dissenters are either killed or run off. They don't schmooze up to some slut in a bar and sweet talk their way into her vagina and deposit their D.N.A. into a receptacle that is chemically pregnancy-proof. What's "alpha"
about that? It's like fertilizing a parking lot.

Sure, these self-proclaimed "Alpha's" have their following - all confused little men. But it isn't as if these egos are "leaders" in any sense. No one follows them into a real battle against other men or any other manly behavior that made our civilization what it once was - the glory of the world. They aren't scientists or project managers or the like. They're generally low to mid-levels in the employ of others drink and pick up slutty women who either can't get pregnant or would scrape their womb of the potential offspring these so-called "Alpha's" might actually cause.

Alpha? You must be kidding me, right?

No, that's the "manosphere's" version of a "real man." No George Patton's or Colonel David Hackworth's need apply. No one with any historically proper moral code based upon a right and just system of ethics. What the manosphere has mastered is total self-delusion on this subject, glorifying the behavior of males who behave in a manner no different than feral dogs except the dogs have one-upped them.

The dogs, just like the wolves, have offspring.

Anonymous said...

That's not what "scapegoating" means, dumbshit. Go look it the fuck up, dumbshit. Fucking random misuse of fifty cent words, the mark of the autodidactic internet dumbshit.

Also, I don't give a shit if you don't read Roissy, he's getting boring anyhow these days, but if your grasp of what he's saying is more dumbshit garbled, murky, and and clueless than a stupid fucking creationist shitting out his mouth about evolution, just don't yap about it. You don't have a clue, so don't share the clue you don't have. Do I lecture about accounting? No, because I am not a fucking accountant.

The game guys objectively understand women. Their model works. It's useful knowledge if you interact with women. Don't like it? Your loss, dumbshit. Not ours.

Unknown said...

Ah, the hostility of the low-IQ extrovert, who has no interior life and can't do anything but spout his garbled version of other peoples' ideas.

And I do know what scapegoating is. It's the projection of evil onto others, and comes from the Hebrews placing their sins on a goat and driving it into the business.

I've always been amused by ignoramuses thinking they're intellectual.

You very much care what I think, since I hit a nerve in your tiny brain.

Carlos said...

I've read some of the "manosphere" blogs and portals, and while they have some valid points, at the end they are just like de "feminazis" that they hate: Whining and complaining for everything, finding misandry everywhere, they-vs-us mentality, and their obsesion with being "Alpha" is ridiculous. Specially when being Alpha for them means obtaining sexual validation from the woman the they despise. What I found is that the manosphere is full of what they would call betas, in their own parlance, is full of angry and bitter "Alpha wannabes".