Thursday, May 30, 2013

"If It Bleed It Leads"

I have zero respect for the Mainstream Media. Their purpose now is to scare you, not report the news.

The only time they do anything anymore is when they're attacked, as Obama is now doing to them. I also don't have any use for "Everything is a conspiracy!" retards on the internet.

I have a degree in Journalism and am a former newspaper reporter and editor. In college I was told the media was aimed at high-school graduates. Most of the students were clueless liberals and became clueless graduates. (I've decided liberalism is a mental illness and possibly even brain damage.)

As for people who read the news on TV, we called them "meat puppets."

It is possible to find the truth on the internet but you have to possess critical abilities. You don't need them for the MSM - just assume everything in it is false and you can't go wrong.

For some reason I don't quite understand, all institutions ultimately become leftist, including the media - which is why they don't write about the dangers of open immigration, black on white crime, or the dangers of letting Muslims into the West.

We were told the easiest way to sell a story is to memorize an old saying - "If it bleeds it leads." This is why I don't believe anything in the MSM.

I was an editor when the AIDs scare happened. It was supposed to wipe out the entire world, but when I received the statistics from the Center for Disease Control I found 99.9% of it was confined to faggots and IV drug users. There was no heterosexual AIDs. My first thought: "I was lied to. And by the media I work in."

Same thing about global warming. I blew it off. Peak oil? Don't believe it.

I left the field because of my disgust for it. I no longer watch the news, read newspapers, and very rarely read magazines. I also blow off the nonsense on the internet.

Do yourself a favor. Don't read newspapers or watch the news (I hardly watch TV). Don't support these leftist losers.

And you know what? You'll feel better and have more peace of mind.

After all, who needs to be lied to and traumatized?


Wyowanderer said...

We're in the same camp. We can't trust the "news" outlets or the internet. If you want to know what is true, you've got to dig for it yourself.

LS said...

And this:

Baloo said...

Nice piece! Reprinted here:

Dra90nR1d3r said...

What I have found that is scary is the lack of common sense and the lack of knowledge on any given subject.

Then there is the owner/publisher's agenda, be it Fox New or CNN or Ancient Aliens

What the hell are they teaching this people in school and college