Saturday, May 25, 2013

The K-Selected Introvert

"Superior people need to rule inferior people or else inferior people will cause problems for each other and for their betters. Superior people need to be more free. Inferior people cannot handle freedom, need supervision, discipline, and control. Inferior people need to be substantially less free." - Jim's Blog

When I entered the seventh grade I ran across people I didn't consider quite fully human. Loud, stupid, trouble-makers, picked on the weak, ran from the strong. They appeared to have something wrong with their brains. I didn't want anything to do with them (by the way, I am a high-IQ, imaginative introvert - an INTJ on the MBTI).

Years later I realized these stupid kids were low-IQ extroverts, and many of them I still consider a lower form of human. Almost all prisoners are low-IQ extroverts, and ambitious high-IQ extroverts can become narcissistic/psychopathic politicians who murder hundreds of millions.

Is there any wonder why I consider them subhuman?

Before the introduction of IQ tests the military used to judge soldiers with two variables - Smart or Stupid and Active or Lazy. The ones the military absolutely did not want, because they were dangerous, were the Active and Stupid. Low-IQ extroverts, the ones I first encountered in middle-school, were the catastrophic Active and Stupid.

Extrovert trouble-making even extends to families and reproduction.

There are two mating strategies: r-selected and K-selected. R-selected is what rabbits do: produce a lot of off-spring they don't take much care of. K-selected produce few off-spring and invest a great deal in their upbringing.

When it comes to people I use the movie Idiocracy as an example.

The smart couple are K-selected and the dumb ones are r-selected. Introverts versus extroverts.

R-selected are usually low-to-moderate IQ and K-selected tend to be high-IQ. You can look at Africa as an example of an example of r-selected - and the place is a catastrophe.

There are additional problems with the r-selected. They are almost always extroverts, which means they gain energy from other people (no matter who are they) and generally don't have an interior life. As far as I'm concerned, extroverts can't really think. They are the perfect example of what John D. MacDonald sneered at in his The Green Ripper as "herd animals, social and imitative." I consider them the Borg.

Extroverts imitate each other, because they cannot think. In the Manosphere, anyone who spouts terms such as Alpha, Beta, Sigma, Omega, rationalization hamster, hypergamy, "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux," and really believes it and thinks it applies universally to women, is a low-to-moderate IQ, imitative extrovert. They got those ideas from someone else, and don't have the intelligence, imagination, concentration or sensitivity to see the flaws and criticize them.

Extroverts are promiscuous. Introverts are far less less promiscuous and almost always find promiscuous sex meaningless.

Extroverts generally blame their problems on other people, since having no interior lives, everything that happens to them comes from the outside. So to them it's other people's fault when they have problems. The true narcissists and psychopaths are always extroverts.

The defining characteristic of the narcissist is envy. Logically, envy is then one of the defining extrovert values. And envy has caused more problems in the world than anything else. Extroverts are far more envious than introverts because to an extrovert everything good comes from the outside.

I doubt Thomas Browne's comment, "We carry within us the wonders we seek without us" makes much sense to them.

Let's look at the story of the Garden of Eden as an example. Adam blames his transgression on Eve and Eve blames hers on the serpent, which is a symbol of envy and hate, Adam is easily influenced by Eve and Eve by the serpent. To me both Adam and Eve have to be extroverts. They show every sign of it.

The story tells us that evil is brought into the world because of envy.

Extroverts are the true destroyers. They start the wars and kill hundreds of millions of people. I like to use the example of George Bush, an unimaginative man who never used what brains he had, who started two unnecessary wars, wasted a few trillion dollars, and damaged America's freedoms.

Some extroverts have what appears to be an instinctive dislike of introverts. It's related to extroverts trying to blame their problems on people, and introverts are so different some extroverts see them as Outsiders to be blamed and scapegoated. Of course, introverts understand extroverts a better than extroverts understand introverts - whom, for all practical purposes, they don't understand at all.

Cain, the first murderer, had to be a low-IQ, impulsive, envious extrovert who blamed his problems on Abel. I call Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel the first dysfunctional family, whose sickness has spread planet-wide.

All the truly destructive political philosophies - communism and socialism being the worst ones - are based on envy - and all are leftist (so is democracy, for that matter). That means they are extrovert philosophies. Feminism is a leftist, destructive, envious extrovert belief system.

Feminism is almost pure r-selected. As for not taking care of your kids and considering them disposable, the feminist support for abortion is a perfect example of it.

The Manosphere, to the extent it denigrates women as gold-digging whores and promotes the r-selected PUA lifestyle, it is an extrovert philosophy and will not work - because it is destructive. It is based on men's envy of women, just as feminism is based on women's envy of men.

Extrovert "Game" certainly will not work for introverts.

Extroverts can't help but be destroyers. That's why they must be ruled by introverts and their values - liberty, self-responsibility, political and economic freedom. Again I'll repeat: leftism, war, murder, destruction are extrovert values, because they blame their problems on other people. And the story of the Garden of Eden tells us that blaming our problems on other people is what brought evil into the world.

For that matter, all the crazy cat lady spinsters? Extroverts, of course.


Enbrethiliel said...


What you wrote about some people thinking that "everything good comes from the outside" reminded me of a story a friend of mine told me.

She was working for a magazine at the time and had to interview a rising young celebrity. The interview was conducted in his expensive new home. When she got there, she noticed some striking oriental jars in the living room and asked him about them. He said: "Rich people have jars like these in their homes. I’m rich now, so I should have them, too." (Her editor made her leave that out of the article.)

Basically, the celebrity had the money to do anything he himself wanted, but none of it mattered because all he wanted was what he thought other people wanted. That's a little sad.

Unknown said...

When I worked on some newspaper I ran across the same people, except in their cases they blamed their problems on others. It was as obvious as could be, and I had to be careful what I put in the story.