Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Polygamy and Child Molestation

"Where polygamy is practiced, rich and powerful men monopolize the available nubile women, leaving a large cohort of young men with no normal outlet for their impulses." - Rex May, aka Baloo the cartoonist.

I've been reading several articles recently claiming polygamy will sooner or later be legalized in the United States.

It won't. And that is very good thing.

One of the main reasons why it will not is that when one man can monopolize many women some of the remaining men will turn to sex with pubescent and pre-pubescent boys. If you do not believe this will happen all you have to do is look at the Islamic world.

If polygamy was legalized in the U.S. some men would start paying for young boys. They do already. There are unfortunately men out there (and women) who like sex with children, pre-pubescent and teenage boys. There is large industry in some of the poorer Asian countries serving these perverts.

The first time I ran across these practices was in James Michener's novel about Afghanistan, The Caravan, which had graphic depictions of the "dancing boys" that men would murder over. One man murdered another for a boy, then he paid for it by having his head sawed off with a rusty WWI bayonet.

It's bad enough that under polygamy 16-year-olds boys can be tossed out on their own (which happened in a polygamous Mormon community in the U.S., until the Feds closed it down) or that ultimately we would end up with an extremely stratified society with all wealth concentrated at the top, with those at the bottom having no wives or jobs, but the most horrifying just might be that the increase in the rape and traffic of young boys would be enormous.

These practices might take several decades to work their black magic, but work their black magic they will. It won't just be prostitution but sexual slavery. The Good, the True and the Beautiful this ain't!

You don't even need any thought experiments to figure these things out. All you have to do is look at history. You even need history, for that matter. Just look at the practices in parts of the world that have polygamy.

NAMBLA would love this development.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with the consequences of polygamy but will have to disagree that it is not coming to this country and in fact all western nations (Europe in particular) because it will. In the US the legalization of homosexual marriage is the camels nose, polygamy is the rest of the camel. The Judges have ruled that there is no reason why people who "love" each other cannot form a legal union. Once the USSC gives final approval to that Polygamists will have a good argument for saying, "why restrict this to just two people?, Why not three or four or however many?". And the courts will have no answer, because they got rid of the only answer there was with the homosexuals.

But in any case we already have a sort of soft Polygamy in a lot of ways. Mostly with players and elites like Charlie Sheen, these are the men women desire the most and are willing to accept that part of the price of admission is the willingness to accept that he has a soft harem of women for his sexual pleasure. It's not as wide spread as you may find in Islamic countries but it is there. And it has the same effects on society which is why you're seeing the rise of all those things here, especially the sexual attraction to young boys. Even now if you look at the singles scene it's the top 20% of the guys that are getting 80% of the action, where does that leave the other 80% of the guys? Waiting for these women to get bounced off the carousel so they can snag a used up 30 something slut that's already hitting the wall?

Also many women would find polygamy the preferable option as it allows them better access to high value men for a long term commitment rather than the current pump and dump. Kind of the, "better 5 minutes of alpha to five years of beta" thinking that you see in most women. So it feeds the hamster of most women who think that they deserve better and this opens up more opportunities for getting that alpha male commitment and she just KNOWS she'll be his number one wife.


Unknown said...

That Manosphere Alpha/Beta is nonsense. It has no basis in reality.

They are the beliefs of men raised without fathers.

Anonymous said...

Alpha/beta are just labels that the manosphere borrowed from animal studies but the behavioral differences in men and how perceived social standing factors into women's selection of mates/lovers is pretty easily observable. Simple example is high school where the football star always seemed to pair up with the hottest gal. Not really sure why you want to dismiss it out of hand but it is what it is, denying reality doesn't make it go away.

Martel said...

Unfortunately, I'm with anonymous. We're painfully unaware of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Not only would polygamy lead to more child abuse (and in a society that deems 14 year-olds competent to decide to have an abortion on their own, how far away are we from 14 year-olds being competent to decide to boink 40 year-old men?), it will also lead to an increase in overall crime rates and potentially increased militarism.

But that won't stop us from doing it.

Unknown said...

I went to two different high school and no one cared about the football players or the cheerleaders. They were not the "upper classes." One quarterback later became a local insurance salesman.

A lot depended on the social group you were in.

I was in the party group and we laughed at the athletes and cheerleaders as dumbasses.