Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Number of Women Who Hit On Me Is Just Short of Amazing

They almost never did this in high school and college. They did, but it was quite rare. Back in those days you basically just jumped on them - you were the aggressor, and they rarely showed any kind of encouraging interest. Just like today.

But now that I'm middle-aged - and there is a huge shortage of us - they hit on me on streets, in parks, in stores, in coffee shops, at work.

Of course, they are middle-aged, too. (Although, for some reason I cannot ascertain, I get women young enough to be my daughters looking at me. The last one I caught doing that, I looked at her and laughed, then said, "You're probably thinking, 'He must have been kinda cute 30 years ago,'" and she smiled.

Some are divorced (usually these women are full of hate and anger), some had their husbands die, and others were never married (I was in a park one time when a woman walked over to see my dog, then out of the blue told me, "I haven't had a boyfriend for seven years").

This is just basic economics, which most woman don't understand. One of me; five of you. Simple supply-and-demand.

Decades ago I told a friend of mine: "When we're younger women have the most power, but when we get older we have it." He didn't say anything, because after all, silence is acquiescence.

Also decades ago, I told a retired man, "Women want all the responsibilities of being a man and woman and none of the responsibilities." He waited a few seconds, raised his eyebrows and said, "You know, you're right."

They want everything but can give little, sometimes nothing.

Samuel Johnson, hundreds of years ago, said, "Nature hath given women so much power the law wisely gives them little." Not any more, to the detriment of everyone.

How many parents today tell their daughters, "When you're younger, if you're attractive, you will have lots of male attention, but once you it a certain age, it just evaporates. Good or bad, that's just the way it is."

How about: no one tells their daughter these things.

I first noticed in my middle thirties that when I met a woman I knew from high school I often did not recognize them. And they had been cute in high school.

On the other hand, they always recognized me.

I recently met a 54-year-old woman, never married, who still thinks her divorced boyfriend, who is a few years older than her, is still going to marry her. I said nothing.

When I was growing up, when people got married, they stayed married. Being a divorced woman garnered both disapproval and titillation - a "divorcee!"

Yet today divorce means nothing.

Yet, a man can always get remarried, but the older a woman is, the harder it is for her. And they always blame that on men.

There is an old saying: a woman can always get laid and a man can always get married.

These days, many young women want to get married, but not stay married. Bizarre, and it makes no sense, just the way it makes no sense they think they can wait until their thirties and expect the man of their dreams to show up.

Men tend to be more realistic about these things, which I find odd, since men are the real romantics (who writes romance songs: men or women? Men, of course). Apparently a lot of women live in a self-deluded fantasy world.

Speaking of parents telling their daughters about the world, how many of them tell their daughters men invented everything in the world and a little respect and gratitude goes a long way.

How about, again, never?

For that matter, no one believes in male superiority like women. After all, when things get just a little bit hard, they fly straight to a man to fix it. And yet, at the same time, they're envious and want to drag them down ("feminism" is not about female equality - it's about destroying men, which means women cutting their own throats).

Bizarre, isn't it? "Give me everything while I try to destroy you! And ask me out while I show no interest in you!"

What a goofy country.


Shaun F said...

I wouldn’t necessarily find it flattering that broken women hit on me, but as you stated this is a fact and by product of ones age. It reminds me of the Doors song “The End” and the lyric “Desperately in need of some stranger’s hand, in a desperate land.” Where I live, there are five women for every guy. However, the opportunity cost for settling for mediocrity is not negotiable.

Earl Thomas said...

Well in the years the women get the most male attention it isn't like parents are telling their daughters to 'use that to attract a good man to be your husband', it's 'use that time to go into college, get a useless degree, go into debt, go out partying, get a career, and then hope by the time you hit 30 something comes along.'

Flip side is the ones that do get married in their 20s seem to divorce around 30 because they haven't 'experienced life' yet. Things are really nutty now.

Bob Wallace said...

I'm not flattered by it at all, but it is what it is.

ray said...

I'm in my sixties, still get hit on frequently by females of almost all ages. It's sort of flattering but also sad, and I don't encourage it, beyond basic politeness and civility. Just try to get away a.s.a.p. with minimal damage.

New America teems with these females. Their parents and their nation told them they deserved everything, and that laws and conditions would be changed until they damn-well had everything. OK to toss away their attractive, fertile youths, and instead take male education, jobs, and futures for themselves. Then call their greed and selfishness equality, progress, and civil rights.

Now the nation is full of empowered, enriched, and uber-protected females who are desperate -- and I do mean insanely desperate -- for 'relationships' with males. By relationships they mean more empty, corrosive boyfriend/girlfriend rut-a-thons so that they can feel 'validated' as women after they've aged. You know, when they should be enjoying their grandchildren, instead of trolling me at the grocery or cafe.

In the Bad Old Days of Oppressive Patriarchy, these females usually married for life, in their teens or early twenties. But all that changed, and they and their parents and their nations demanded college and careers and personal empowerment, with the expectation that after their grrls Played at Being Men, and started to get marriage/baby rabies in their thirties, well then droves of men (the ones they took the educations, jobs, and futures away from) would be lining-up to marry and sex-up their 35-y.o. daughters. Because by then, hey, daddy and mommy's IRAs were well-loaded, princess' own retirement income was on-track, and . . . hey where are all the men?


Bob Wallace said...

"It's sort of flattering but also sad, and I don't encourage it, beyond basic politeness and civility. Just try to get away a.s.a.p. with minimal damage."

Same here.

Glen Filthie said...

Oh yeah.

And when you old three ball tomcats brush those cankles off and laugh about it - they come over to ME and spoil my peace and quiet and cry and sob on my shoulder and bitch about what pigs men are! I guess they feel safe emoting around a ruggedly ugly and overweight stubfart. It's awkward as hell, really...

All the divorced men I know sound exactly like you guys. They've seen the feral woman up close, they know she's dangerous and can hurt them - and when they run across women they usually have on hand on their sidearm and the other on their wallet.

Leiff said...

Women don't want to get married, they want a wedding. Which these days is just a big party where they and only they are the center of attention. If they could have it without the marriage part they'd opt for that every time.

Shaun F said...

Leiff - I think there is a story somewhere on the internet about a woman marrying herself - to make the read more accessible and painful - I included the link.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

The grandmother of a friend of mine told her "don't waste the pretty".
Good advice.

Bob Wallace said...

"don't waste the pretty"

I'm going to remember that. Thanks!