Friday, November 6, 2015

Equality Does Not Exist and Cannot Exist

“That all men are equal is a proposition which at ordinary times no sane individual has ever given his assent.” ― Aldous Huxley

For anything to be equal to something else, it has to be identical and therefore interchangeable. Two pennies, two nickels, two dimes, two quarters, are identical, therefore equal, therefore interchangeable.

The same applies to people. People can only be equal if identical and interchangeable. Thus, "equality" does not exist.

Even creatures such as termites, ants and bees appear to be identical, but they have different functions. If they didn't no beehive or termite mound or any ant colony would ever be built.

Solitary spiders, such as those that live by themselves in webs, appear to be equal, identical and interchangeable. But then sex intrudes - think of why the Black Widow is called the Black Widow. (The division into sexes always destroys "equality.")

I suppose bacteria and viruses are equal, but they don't have sex, just splitting. That's why they are identical.

Mostly, that which is equal, identical and interchangeable are things not alive. Molecules? Atoms? Subatomic particles? And of course the aforementioned coins.

Imagine if humans were equal, identical and interchangeable. It'd be a hell.

All of us would have equal plots of land, equal looks, equal talents. We'd be poverty-stricken and stuck at sustainance level. We'd grow our own food and make our own clothes - if we specialized we'd be unequal.

These thing, ultimately, are why leftism (and feminism, which is leftist) always destroys - because no one is - and can - equal.

So if leftism (and feminism) are not about equality, then what are they about?

A vanishingly small minority of people using force and fraud to rule over the rest. They may mouth the belief in "equality" but in reality they believe they are intellectually and morally superior to the rest of the unwashed masses.

Societies which try to impose these false beliefs in total equality collapse pretty damn fast.

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Anonymous said...

Both political sides of the spectrum are for equality. One side is for equality of choice. The other side is for equality of outcome.
So one side wants to raise all boats, the other wants to put the same size hole in all the boats.
Big difference in projected results, and stay away from my boat.