Friday, November 20, 2015

So What Exactly is "Social Justice"?

Friedrich Hayek spent some ten years trying to figure out what exactly "social justice" meant. He conclued it was an empty phrase and didn't mean anything.

"Social justice" used to be called, more correctly, "distributive justice" and it meant then, as it means now, that certain protected groups are supposed to get a bigger share of the good things in life.

But, of course, these "goods" have to produced first before they can be distributed. Those "protected groups," not suprisingly, don't want to produce, just consume. Since "social justice" is leftist, and leftism is based on hate and envy and the desire to destroy, this isn't surprising. "You owe me!"

This "you owe me" attitude is based on the delusion these groups have been oppressed for hundreds if not thousands of years, so they're owned for past "injustices."

None of these Social Justice Warriors have the slightest understanding of how economics works. Apparently they think it's magic.

Because they're motivated by hate and envy, they want to drag down and even destroy the productive and creative. So if they're the ones who maintain the economy, and are destroyed, then where is the wealth to come from that these Social Justice Warriors want distributed to themselves?

Obviously they don't know. Or again, wealth is just magically there!

Not only do Social Justice Warriors not understand economics, and think the goods in life should be distributed to them without producing anything, they think they should rule and their ideas imposed by the force of law.

This attitude of theirs is why Thomas Sowell referred to these people as "the Anointed." Because they think they were intellectually and morally superior to the benighted masses.

These Social Justice Warriors don't want to compete and certainly not in the realm of ideas. When it comes to ideas, they want to shut down completely those with different ideas, not only because leftists think they're wrong, they think they'e evil

Such people want to shut down the free exchange of information. They want to shut down the free market. In other words, they want to eradicate liberty.

Since leftism is based on envy, everyone is supposed to be equal, which is impossible, since to be equal everyone has to be identical and interchangeable. Except, of course, for the Anointed, who are supposed to get a lot more, for free, than the unwashed, benighted masses.

I've pointed out before leftists want to turn us into the Borg - equal, indentical, interchangeable. Except for the Borg Queen, who had all the power (and she sought a Borg King).

So exactly what would happen if Social Justice Warriors (i.e. leftists) had all the power? Look at all the former socialist countries - poverty-stricken, oppressed, tyannized.

Of course, leftists don't believe this. They never do. In their minds society will be a Utopia - a political utopia, which has never existed and never will.

They're self-deluded. When you're self-deluded you're lying to yourself - which is what they have to do before they lie to others. Not that they know they are lying to themselves or others.

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn made the comment - which I have quoted before - that rightists have to "knock the heads" of leftists - because otherwise leftists will murder and destroy.


Omega Man said...

An important point that is often missed is that leftists embrace the concept of "group" rights, whereas the right wing champions the rights of the individual.

Societies which embraced the rights of the group were the most cruel and murderous incarnations this earth has ever seen. Whether it was the "Deutsche Volk" against the Jews or the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, millions upon millions were murdered. And yes I'm saying that Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist (Nazi) party were hard core leftist, along with Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

On the other hand, societies which celebrated the rights of the individual flourished and quite literally became that golden city on the hill, and here I mean the United States of 50 years ago.

Unfortunately, Obama, Hillary and other leftists are trying very hard to destroy that dream. They've nearly succeeded and if the current crop of university cry babies ever gets into power, the destruction will be complete.

Brian said...

I've been batting the idea around in my head that socialism starts when children are disconnected from adult work. All kids know these days is that mom (or dad, if he's around) go to some magical place called "work", and have no idea of how that leads to the roof over their head or the food on the plate, or what work really entails. All the see is the stuff they're given, have no idea how their parent(s) got it or how to get it themselves, nor can they see it ever coming to an end. Contrast that with some kid that has to help on the family farm at age 6, and I guarantee he has some understanding of how the eggs and bacon get to the table. Kids were taken away from the world of work a long time ago, and a lot of them today don't start until they're legal. All they know is free stuff, and want it to continue. Aren't most leftist accused of being basically children?

kurt9 said...

I agree that "social justice" is simply parasitism.