Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm Always Amused by Dipshits

I still get people telling me that "well-regulated" means firearms being regulated by the government. You have to look at the historical content. In those days "well-regulated" meant "well-practiced" and "well-maintained" - the people, not the firearms. People who were well-practiced and well-maintained when it came to firearms - with a group of them being known as a militia.

My experience has been that leftists always lie - and they don't even know they're lying.

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Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that its always easier to lie to yourself than it is to lie to others. But by cause and effect, the better you lie to yourself, the better you can lie to others. The consequence is you might lie your way out of being aligned with reality. Which is why I believe the left is always eating each other contradiction after contradiction.

So basically Lucifer, he was so envious that he deluded himself into believing he could become God.