Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Anti-Intellectualism Is Good Because Intellectuals Are Fags"

"Intellectuals" have not only betrayed us, they're traitors.

This is from the Right Stuff.

This is an old article, but with the West's intellectual class throwing its weight behind the Islamization of Europe and the acceptance of pedophilia everywhere, it seems somehow timely.

As academia becomes increasingly pozzed, hoi polloi are losing the reverential awe they had for academics. This causes said academics no small amount of consternation, especially those whose "field" of "research" consists mainly of inventing new ways to destroy civilization. I am become death, destroyer of rectums.

It's not just Buttdick Studies departments, of course. Even the sciences have been losing respect, thanks to the reinvention of the scientific method to mean "wild guessing combined with fraud" in the service of social justice.

What academia doesn't understand is that a PhD, tenure, and a CV full of publications are all a kind of currency whose value is grounded in the social capital of trust, and that trust is never owed, only earned. Nor do they understand that trust, once lost, is almost impossible to restore.

Western academia has exploited the trust it built up over centuries in order to populate our towns with rapists, generate apocalyptic panic in order to steal our wealth, and turn sodomy into a sacrament.

We're anti-intellectuals because the intellectuals have betrayed us. They deserve nothing but to be cast down from their thrones.


Mindstorm said...

It depends. Not every intellectual is a leftist and not every leftist is an intellectual.

Mindstorm said... - someone with the guts to state this in public is not a fag in my book. :)

Mindstorm said...

My view on the issue is that nature determines the ratio between the investment and the return to it, but you still need the investment (nurture).

Mindstorm said... - this comment is also relevant.

Glen Filthie said...

Let us have some clarity of thought around here. 100~150 years ago, intellectuals and scholars would have been guys like us, for the most part. The average North American was doing well if he could read, and only the richest of us could afford to attend or send our kids to school.

In this day and age of mass education, real intellectuals no longer exist. We have academics, which are an entirely different stripe of cat! These guys are tenured profs that don't have to worry about a pay cheque, they don't have to worry about their jobs, they have no accountability...all they have to do is pose as cutting edge intellectuals to the elite chattering classes - and they are on that gravy train forever. (Or until they hit Freedom 55, after which they sail into the sunset on a taxpayer funded gold plated retirement).

The self proclaimed 'intellectuals' that Bob is referring to, I suspect, include poisoned minds like Naomi Klein and Noam Chompsky. (After some very brief investigation I concluded both weren't worth the time for even a rudimentary google search). But there are others. I was shocked to find that Carl Sagan fudged a metric tonne of his data in his work. Neil deGrasse Tyson (who was a Carl Sagan fanboy) is also a scientific fraud and more a performance artist.

Bob and the Manosphere in general are wrong in this rebellion against higher education. There is nothing wrong with taking a liberal arts program - provided you know exactly what you will pay for them and exactly what you will get out of them. It's like the military - you will probably make more money in a good STEM job than you will flying jet fighter planes off an aircraft carrier - which is more rewarding?

The fact is boys that with the advent of the internet we are all intellectuals. Those that pose as intellectuals today are really nothing more than rock stars - a group of people notorious for being moral and intellectual cripples.

The Sphere needs to embrace intellectualism, not reject it. That is what our enemies have done and that is why we are on the brink of collapse. If we reject honest intellectualism we will end as they did, enthralled by poseurs like the baboon in the Whitehouse, feminists, faggots and fools. If we are to make ourseves of the Right Stuff - it behooves us to know what The Right Stuff is.

Bob Wallace said...

I think the guy is really talking about leftists. He should have been more clear.

Take The Red Pill said...

"...a kind of currency whose value is grounded in the social capital of trust, and that trust is never owed, only earned. Nor do they understand that trust, once lost, is almost impossible to restore."

Western women need to hear this (if they can stand it), because the male 'anti-marriage movement', 'the Sexodus', and MGTOW are populated nearly exclusively by men who have (deservedly) lost all trust in women. And the numbers of the men joining all of those are increasing constantly.
It's said that the greatest danger the female gender faces is not men's hate, but men's indifference, for it is only the good will of "Good Men" that causes them to protect women from the depredations of "Bad Men". And Western women's increasingly hateful attitudes towards "Good Men" does not bode well for their future.