Saturday, February 9, 2013

Women Waiting for the Perfect Man

I like the ball in the dog's mouth.

If a man finds 80% of what he's looking for in a woman he thinks he's in Heaven. Many women, on the other hand, seek 100% of what they want in a man. In other words, they seek the Perfect Man. He doesn't exist.

Why women are like this I do not know, but it is part of the self-delusion of many of them and their attempts to blame their problems on men. And their refusal to look in the mirror.

The biggest flaw of women is to blame their problems on men; the other side of that coin is their refusal to take responsibility for themselves. If you refuse to take responsibility for yourself, of course you are going to think someone else is the cause of your problems. Carl Jung it put it this way: women's biggest flaw is that they think they are always right, which means men are always wrong. Or, everything is their fault.

I operate on the assumption women are always wrong, since for them it's feelings first, brains second. Or, it's like that for at least 90% of them. Let's just say I don't particularly take them seriously until they prove otherwise.

One of my friends, a woman who knows what many women are like (as an aside, smart, perceptive women don't particularly like other women and prefer men) once told me she spent months looking at men and asking herself, "Find the best thing about him." She told me that suddenly many more men became attractive to her.

Much of attractiveness is based on perception.

One solution to this problem is education when women are younger.

Men created civilization, culture and science. Women did not. This is not due to "oppression" and "patriarchy," as self-deluded, self-pitying, emotionally four year old leftists believe. It is due to men and women having different brains.

While there are some women who have contributed to society, they are a handful. There are no female Isaac Newtons or Leonhard Eulers or Aristotles.

Charles Murray in his book Human Accomplishment pointed out that about 98% of everything in the world was created not just by men, but European men. Of course, non-Western cultures get hysterical about that, claim it isn't true, and that their backward cultures really did contribute something to the world. They never seem to come up with anything, though.

I ask women to look around and subtract everything invented by men. What's left? They grow quiet, shocked, or else start babbling propaganda (their version of education) about...guess what? Oppression for thousands of years, etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

I can't count the number of times I've said this: as the humorist P.J. O'Rourke wrote, without men civilization would last until the next oil change, and as Camille Paglia wrote, without men, women would still be living in grass huts.

Perhaps if our schools really taught what men have done, then perhaps there would be a little bit more gratitude from women, and less leftist/lesbian/feminist hate and envy, and the desire to tear men down, and the delusion that women can create civilization instead of what they really do - tear down everything they get involved in (look at our female-dominated schools for an example).

Since women want the perfect man, when they can't find him, they hit the Wall (sometimes so hard their heads come out the other side). The Wall starts at 25, when they hit their fertile peak. The Wall is when they run out of rationalizations and suddenly realize they're going to end up 50 years old, without husband, home and children, on anti-depressant and anti-anxiety "medication," living alone in an apartment with a cat or a big male dog to protect them from all the rapists and molesters and lechers they imagine are after them.

Of course you have to get to women when they are young, because when many women are adults, logic, rational thinking, carefully constructed arguments, facts, and evidence just doesn't penetrate ("This is how I feel about it, so these must be the facts").

I am reminded of a comment attributed to Voltaire: "The perfect is the enemy of the good." It's a good saying because it's a true saying.

Society is now set up to take everything away from men. Jobs, family, children, homes, self-respect - everything. And what do you get when a man thinks everything has been taken away from him? Jordan Dorner, Carl Drega, Cookie Thornton, Marvin Heemeyer and sometimes, things much more horrifying. People who have any kind of awareness and perception know exactly what happens when men are humiliated enough.

There is no perfect. There is good, and there is good enough. And, as that wise old saying tells us, "Enough is as good as a feast." That is, if you have enough gratitude and appreciation to enjoy it.


Enbrethiliel said...


Shouldn't that be a cat in the image? =P

This post reminds me, however tangentially, of the latest one on The Last Psychiatrist blog. In it, he says that women's mistake was working hard for the "trappings" of power rather than thinking about what constitutes real power and going after that. Accordingly, it was a huge miscalculation for women to think that they needed degrees to be considered "equal." Instead, why couldn't they have argued that what they already brought to the equation was valuable in itself?

Bob Wallace said...

Men are not attracted to busy, "strong," "independent" women with degrees and "career." Women who think that have been conned and they find out their mistakes the very hard way.