Friday, February 8, 2013

The Feminine as Nurturing and Murdering

Throughout history, all goddesses were dual: there was always a positive and a negative aspect. Kali is a good example: half of her arms gave, the other half killed. The question is: why?

Since these goddesses are representations of characteristics in women, this means “the feminine” is both nurturing and murdering. I suspect one reason is because most women are natural socialists. Another reason is that many of them think men are always wrong, which is another way of saying women think they are always right.

I will discuss the natural socialist aspect first.

Socialism is the attempt to “take care” of everyone. Many thinkers have pointed out it’s an attempt to take family values, especially feminine values, and apply them to society. Yet it has quite often led to horrendous slaughter. How can the attempt to nurture and take care of people lead to horrible slaughter?

Perhaps it is because the feminine desire for complete security means there can be no freedom. The best current example I can think is the Borg and the Borg Queen.

The Borg Queen does not believe in freedom. None. She believes in womb-to-tomb security. Since people are contradictory in the sense they want freedom and yet want to submit to authority, the only way the Borg Queen can eradicate the rebellious desire for freedom is through advanced technology – the brains and bodies of her subjects have been so altered they cannot rebel.

This means, in a sense, the Borg Queen has “killed” every one of her subjects so they can be absorbed into her socialist “paradise.” This is exactly what happened in Russia and China: those who could not be absorbed were killed. Most especially, the rebellious were killed.

The feminine attempt to nurture (and this feminine side exists in men, too) is fine for children, but it does not work on adults. Since the political ideologies in Russia and China were leftist, this means, politically, leftism is “feminine.”

Then we have the female belief that men are always wrong.

There is a one-man play called “Defending the Caveman,” which I have never seen. But I once heard the writer/actor who created it interviewed on a comedy show.

He said that while men consider women mysterious, women consider men to be just plain wrong. He also said that when he once said this on stage, a woman in the audience stood up and yelled, “They ARE wrong!”

Now as to why so many women think this, I do not know. But I have noticed it on several occasions, over many years. It’s a bit amusing in a way, since men created civilization and advanced technology. As Camille Paglia so famously noted, if civilization had been left in the hands of women, we’d still be living in grass huts.

When you put together the natural socialism with the belief in being always right, then you have probably the two worst aspects of “the feminine.” I believe it accounts for why leftists are absolutely convinced they are right, and anyone who disagrees with them is absolutely wrong.

I also suspect it’s why women have traditionally been denied the vote.

In Christianity the feminine nurturing aspect would have been Mary, while the murdering aspect would have been Eve when she was considered to have seduced Adam and bought evil into the world.

Unfortunately what we have now, because of the influence of radical leftist feminism, the belief that women are all good and men are all bad. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but essentially it’s true.

In other words only the light side of women is portrayed and the dark side is ignored. This has led to horrendous social consequences, such as ignoring the fact women are responsible for two-thirds of all child abuse, and little boys are twice as likely to be abused as little girls.

It also ignores the fact that at least 60% of all rape accusations are untrue. My mother, who worked as the night admitting clerk in a hospital ER, said in her opinion 90% of them were unfounded. And I had a former NYC cop tell me in his opinion 90% of them were unfounded.

All people are mixtures of good and bad traits, positive and negative ones. It doesn’t do any good at all to pretend this is not true.

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TJKaye said...

Bob, I discovered your blog today and have read more than a dozen posts. Great stuff. You've given voice to a lot of thoughts and ideas that are constantly knocking around in my head. Looking forward to reading more.