Monday, February 18, 2013

My Brain is Made of Meat!

I'm sure I was a kid when I learned that fish is supposed to be "brain food." Yet it wasn't until I was 19 that I ended up cooking and eating a lot of fish, and less than an hour later my brain felt revved up.

Hmmm, I thought: maybe it's true.

I won't bore you with the details, but by trial and error I ended up with what is today called the Paleolithic diet. This was long before it became popular and, as far as I know, called by that name.

I ended up eating about 55% meat (mostly bacon, even though otherwise I can't stand pork) and fish, and about 30% oil. The only vegetable oils I use are olive and coconut oil, which have been used for tens of thousands of years without any ill effects. The same applies to animal fats, including butter. The other vegetable oils aren't any good for you.

Your brain, by the way, is mostly fat. Fatty acids, to be sure.

I don't eat grains per se. All cultures have fermented their grains to remove gluten and to increase the bio-availability of nutrients. I don't eat wheat, which is the worst of grains, and has been so altered it's downright dangerous. I ferment oatmeal (with kefir) and rye, the latter of which I use to make sourdough bread. The former I use to make sour porridge.

Incidentally, the consumption of wheat is implicated in just about every mental disorder there is. I've known "bipolar" people who had been on medication for 20 years, and off of them two weeks after quitting all grains - but especially wheat.

I have no desire whatsoever for sugar or candy bars or pastries. In fact, the thought of them makes me feel a bit ill

I have plenty of energy, don't get tired during the day, and I've gained a couple of IQ points.

I am most especially disturbed by what is happening to kids. Fluoride, for example, diminishes IQ, and this has been proven by two dozen studies.

There is a concept know as "fetal programming." It's been proven, too. If a woman eats a healthy diet, avoids stress, and other common sense things, the baby gains noticeable advantages.

Weston Price, a dentist, traveled the world during the '30 and was shocked to see how much more healthy so-called primitive people were compared to "civilized" ones. He realized the degenerative changes he saw in modern man was due to diet.

We think we're so civilized. We're not, not when we ignore not only old wisdom, but common sense.


Enbrethiliel said...


Now you need to turn this into a recipe blog! ;-)

Unknown said...

The only thing you need to know is put some chocolate on your bacon.

TGR White said...

Quitting grains mostly rid me of my hypersensitivity.

Also, what do you do to avoid fluoride? I have heard mixed opinions of RO (water is too pure etc).

Unknown said...

I have a fluoride filter on my faucet. There is such a thing as being too obsessed with these things, and I try not to do that.