Friday, April 24, 2015

Swedish Cops Break Up Subway Fight - In The U.S.

These men are deescalating, which they are trained to do.

Now imagine how many American cops would act - shoot the nearest dog, beat the people with nightsticks and fists and feet, tazer them....and all the time screaming, "Quit resisting arrest!" Then they would claim they "feared for their lives" after shooting them 25 times while they were unconscious on the floor.

I've said it before: fire 90% of the police, arm the citizens - and crime will drop 90%.

By the way, I had a cop tell me 10% of cops have no business being police officers.


Robert What? said...

I wonder how much "diversity" is to blame for the declining quality of police in the US? Maybe the intelligence-challenged, height-challenged candidates they are required to higher are just more fearful and thus more likely to lash out violently. I do know that "officer safety" to any real or imagined threat, no matter how unlikely or slight, now trumps all other issues, including safety of the public.

Robert What? said...

Of course I meant "hire" not "higher".