Thursday, April 30, 2015

Science is a Religion

I've said many times before that science is a religion, because to some people it is based on the faith that it is absolutely true, and the only way to truth.

After all, look at all this craziness about global warming...which, it turns out, does not exist.

Just about the only way you can tell if science is true is when it turns into useful technology.


Robert What? said...

Global warming truly is a religion. There is no evidence you can provide that will convince an adherent otherwise. They will look at the evidence you have provided, acknowledge it, and go back to their devotions without losing a breath.

Kent McManigal said...

Science is a method. Those using "AGCC" as an excuse to violate life, liberty, and property aren't doing science. Don't be fooled.

Unknown said...

Did Greenland even have vegetation growing on it like back in the Viking Days? That was some weak global warming.

Robert What? said...

Another new religion is developing in much the same way as Global Warming. It is called "Rape Culture", and no amount of evidence will shake the devotees. This new religion even has human sacrifices: college age men.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand womens' obsession with "rape culture." I believe this psychological projection. Women seem to have a primal fear of rape and project their fearful thoughts onto men, thinking men think this way, which is not true, and least not as prevalent as women think. Then how are womens' rape fantasies explained? It maybe that women unconsciously don't mind to be forcefully taken or raped by an aggressive and assertive man that they deem highly desirable (like George Clooney instead of Anthony Wiener) (Do women fantasize being raped by weak, unnattractive nerds?). Their maybe an evolutionary basis for these thoughts in women.

Never once have I been somewhere with women around who were attractive or not, and thought: "Gee, I would like to rape this woman." Also, do women realize that men (at least psychologically normal men) have to be sexually aroused to rape or even have sex? Fat, unattractive women (primarily feminists) walking around worrying about being raped are delusional. Men capable of or inclined to rape (perhaps in environments like prison) are highly deviant and not the norm, and rare I think.

Also, why would men bother to rape when there are women supposedly so promiscuous today anyway?