Sunday, April 19, 2015

Empire, Inc.

I try to make things as simple as possible. I see D.C. as an alien city full of psychopaths ruling u with a tiny military force. And like all empires sooner or later it will collapse. It has only survived thiss long because most people are pretty much indifferent until things get unbearable. The country will survive but the government won't. That's been the history of the world when it comes to those who abuse and exploit.


Jim said...

Those employed or voted in government are morons, retards, and the insane. Government is a employment program for the idiots of America.

JK Brown said...

It is the history of the ancient liberties of the English-speaking people. As Prof. John Robson pointed out regarding the many kings in English history who worked to usurp the representative body of the people, Parliament; "Been there, done that, got beheaded".

The people tolerate a lot but eventually it comes to a point that the ancient liberties need restoring. We may be at another of those moments in history with the regulatory state. It may not come to yet another civil war as what we call the American Revolution really was, but DC may lose their heads.