Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Shame of Multiculturalism

The title is a pun.

Some years ago I was standing in line in a grocery store. The guy in front of me, who was at the counter, was some Asian guy with an accent, which meant he was an immigrant.

He had a cart full of soda cans. They must have been 200 of them. I was mystified why he had so many.

The check-out clerks, who were two men who must have been in their 70s, were having some problems with the cans. They were jumbled together in the cart, and many of them were different prices. They were having some difficulty getting everything straight.

Then this immigrant said something that amazed me.

“You’re treating me like I’m some kind of criminal,” he said bitterly. He said a few other things, all in the same vein.

I’ll be damned, I thought.

“You’re in the wrong country,” I told him. He looked at me and didn’t say anything, possibly because I was a foot taller than him and had 50 pounds on him. If he had been stupid enough to raise his hand he would have found himself unconscious on the floor. I’m sure he didn’t understand raising your hand to someone is assault (legally, assault is “I think he’s going to hit me” and battery is “He did hit me”). All I had to do is claim I thought he was going to hit me because he raised his hand and I would have had two clerks to support my claim. And probably store tapes.

“Those men are only doing their job, and you’re imaging things,” I said. “Don’t insult them again, because when you insult them, you insult me. I don’t like you, you’re a disgrace to my country, and you’d better not piss me off anymore than I’m pissed off. You do your business with them and then you leave.”

He didn’t say another word. He completed his business and then he left.

The clerks told me he came in occasionally and bought lots of soda. They knew he was upping the price and selling it in his little store, which had to be in a black area.

I knew what was going on in the mind of this guy. Asian cultures are more shame-based than Western cultures, which are more guilt-based. This deluded dwarf thought these clerks were trying to humiliate him. They weren’t. He was imaging the whole thing.

When you live in a shame-based culture, you think your problems are always caused by someone else. That’s why “saving face” is so important.

Arab culture is also shame-based, which is why there are stories of raped women being murdered by their families. They have “dishonored” the family and pride must be restored by expunging the sin. It doesn’t matter they were innocent victims. “Honor” is more important.

In a neighborhood I lived in many years ago there was a Palestinian man whose apartment was bugged by the FBI because they believed he was supporting terrorist groups.

When the FBI listened to the tapes one day, they found something horrifying. The man’s daughter, who was pudgy and unattractive, was dating black guys. The parents were humiliated.

So they killed her. I heard the tapes on TV. The mother held the daughter and the father stabbed her to death. “Die, die, my daughter.” Then screams, “Die, die.” Silence.

Of course, both father and mother spent the rest of their lives in prison.

Liberals and deluded libertarians fool themselves into believing all cultures are equal, which is why liberals believe in multiculturalism and “libertarians” think the free market (which has never existed) will trump the cultures of these people and unite everyone in an assumed love of SUVs, DVD players and Nikes. Oh, yeah – and Gameboys.

These people are as deluded as can be, thinking materialism will trump culture and religion.

Some people think, well, their children will grow up to be Americans. Then why do the children of Muslims in the West turn out to be radicals who go to the Middle East to fight?

You want to know why? Islam is a backward religion over a thousand years behind the West. These kids know this, even if they can’t admit it to themselves, and they’re humiliated. So they seek revenge by attacking the country and culture they were raised in.

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn once wrote that leftists don’t merely misunderstand human nature; they don’t understand it at all. Unfortunately, the same applies to quite a few libertarians – the kind who think the free market is a panacea that will cure all.

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