Monday, January 3, 2011

Politics is About Exploitation

Politics is not about the general good. Aristotle thought that when he wrote about it in his Politics, over 2000 years ago, but I doubt he would think it today. Machiavelli, with over a thousand years more experience than Aristotle, had a better understanding: politics is about exploiting the public – those with more economic and political power exploiting those with less.

The most important divide, and the one that causes most of the trouble in the world, is between the Elites and the Masses, i.e., between the Non-Producers and the Producers, between the Political Class and the Economic Class, between those who have the power to steal from those who create.

Those who steal do it by gaining control of the government and creating laws to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. This is how, in the U.S., one percent of the people have appropriated 40% of the wealth.

This appropriation was not done through the free market. The free market expands the middle class, and the middle class is shrinking. So it is clear the United States doesn’t have much of a free market anymore. It does, however, have enough for the vampiric Political Class to live off of the Economic Class, the producers and the creators.

People ignore the fact (if they ever think about it), that the two most famous deaths in the West – Socrates and Jesus – were men both killed by the State. Both in fact were murdered by the Elites.

You’d think people might keep those murders in mind, since both illustrate what politics is about – force and fraud, murder and lying. Yet instead of seeing it as a murderer and a liar, many people see it as a Good Daddy and a Good Mommy, who’ll take care of them and what give what we need! (For ‘free,’ of course/)

If there is one story in history that repeats itself, it is the attempt of the “State” (all the Elites) to expand their power and exploit everyone else.

Politics is driven by graft and special interests, and “patriotism” and “idealism” are shams perpetuated by self-promoters. That’s why I am amused when I see people at a political convention cheering when their fraud (whether Republican or Democrat) wins an election. Suckers!

In one sentence, politics is about Wolves trying to sheer the Sheep, and telling the Sheep it’s for their own good.

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