Friday, January 21, 2011

Hostile and Bitter Towards Men

I know several women who are hostile and bitter towards men and blame their problems on them. In each case they are college-educated women who make a substantial salary.

What they wanted out of life was to find a man with a similar education and salary who would accept their career and also wanted children. None of them got what they wanted.

I’ve always been mystified why women do not understand they cannot have a career and children at the same time. If she works full-time and he works full-time, who is going to raise the children?

I’ve been told companies are supposed to allow women time off, a year or so, to take care of the children. What this means is that the people left at work are supposed to involuntarily support these woman by doing her work for her when she’s gone, and also through lower wages since she’s getting unpaid leave. When I’ve asked these women about this none of it has occurred to them.

Then there is the fact that Affirmative Action means “white men need not apply.” I’ve know more than one woman – several in fact – who were promoted above her level of competence because of AA. Just as bad, and probably worse, they were promoted at the expense of men (contrary to the myth, AA overwhelmingly benefits white women, not black men or any other “minority”).

I’ve seen these women look around and wonder where men are who have a good salary. They can’t seem to find them, and when it’s explained to them white men are no longer hired for high-paying jobs (unless no one else is available) they don’t want to believe it.

Men of course are still available to be coal miners, steel workers, construction workers, garbage men, etc. but these women are simply outraged at the idea of “marrying down.” I’ve also known men who opened their own business (become entrepreneurs) but in many cases the work is hot and sweaty and blue collar and the women are outraged about that, too. Why can’t he have a comfy safe indoor high-paying job like me?!?

Most men who work in positions where women are favored over them in promotions will tell you the women hold meetings and talk and think they are working. The men are doing the vast majority of the work and carrying the women. The women never believe it. I’ve seen this myself.

If a couple gets married and the woman does not want to work and instead wants to stay home and raise the children, the man goes from supporting one person (himself) to three. This was possible in the past when the U.S. was mostly free-market but today because of our managed economy it verges on impossible.

Quite a few men today don’t particularly want to get married and have children anymore because of the crushing economic burden. Women call this “fear of commitment.” It is of course completely the man’s fault, because of a lack of a mirror for these women to look in.

What is happening today (and has been happening for quite a while) is unstable and will collapse. What it will be replaced with I don’t know. But it won’t last.

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