Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Education Majors Have the Lowest IQs of all College Majors

Well, except for perhaps a degree like P.E. or anything else an athlete gets, which is why the word “dumbjock” is one word. But there are so few of them they don’t impact society, and everyone knows they’re given their degrees, so they’re not taken seriously.

Education majors are a different story. I graduated from the largest producers of Education majors in a very large state. I won’t name it.

I met a lot of Education majors. None of them had any brains to speak of, except for a male friend of mine, who went on to get an M.S. in Economics.

He was the only guy I met who was an Education major. All the rest were women, and all of them were dumb. Education majors have the lowest IQs and lowest SAT/ACT scores of all majors in college. Philosophy majors have the highest, but try to get a job with a degree in Philosophy.

I did know one guy with a degree in Philosophy who managed a carwash. He redesigned them to make them more efficient, so when the company built a new one, they followed his design. But he still managed a carwash.

I was in fact more than a little disturbed at the stupidity of Education majors. I’m going to repeat: I never met a smart one, and I only met one male, who is still one of my friends.

When I got out of college I met quite a few teachers and principals. Same thing: all women, all stupid. Not stupid because they were women, but stupid because they were Education majors. And now they were principals? Oh my God.

Education degrees are worthless. They shouldn’t even be degrees. It takes four years of classes to be a teacher? Please. I’m not that stupid to believe that. After all, I have a degree, too. And mine’s worthless.

I would never let my kids go to a public school. What the heck does it take 12 years to learn anyway? I could read and do arithmetic in the first grade. I tell people I never learned a thing beyond the fourth grade, and I didn’t, either.

I was so bored in high school I did little more than daydream, and on weekends I partied, drank and got high. I was one of the wild boys, as least compared to the drones in school.

I would live in a double-wide trailer in a rural area and homeschool my kids before I let the Black Thing known as public schools get hold of them. I read an article a few years ago about an eccentric man who lived with his daughter in a tent in a park. He taught her from a Bible and a set of encyclopedias. When the authorities caught them I believe she had just turned 12.

She was described as “unusually intelligent and knowledgeable.” Do tell. Imagine that. And not one day in public schools.

The best way to teach any kid is by being a mentor. The mentor sits at one end of a log and the student at the other. If the student messes up the teacher just bounces him in the air. I’m just kidding about that, but I’m not kidding about sitting on the log.

Now that I think about it, I never dated any Education major. They bored me. Stupid people always do.

And now that I think about it, not once did I see a library in any Education major’s room. For that matter, not even one book that wasn’t a textbook.

Like I said, a worthless degree. And as teachers, worthless, too.


vanizorc said...

Yes, it is truly frightening, huh? The dumbest people teaching and guiding the next generation.
The public school education system in North America is one big fail.
The education system in countries like China and Japan are light-years ahead of ours; it's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Too bad studies show that IQ scores are not an accurate marker of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ananymous, my kids teachers may have been dumb, but IQ scores may not accurately communicate how incredibly moronic they really are. We need to invent an intelligence test that accounts for gullibility and "useful idiot" syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous isn't spelled "ananomous" but it sounds funnier

rootvg said...

I didn't marry an Ed major but certainly dated my share from College of Ed at my local university. They did tend to be of the sorority crowd (top tier) and they were pretty and did dress well but those are many of the same folks who were looking for that proverbial meal ticket guys are warned about by parents who know better. The school doesn't seem to matter. I've seen it at open admissions schools, moderately selective schools and then highly selective schools such as the at the ivies or places like Rice or SMU or Tulane.

I know of one young lady who was a 4.0+ for all of HS *and* college who hasn't worked for almost thirteen years. She's a house frau in Columbus...wife knows her and dismisses her as lazy but I can't bring myself to that. Something inside her is broken or maybe she took the path of least resistance (majored in Ed at Otterbein so she should get married to the school nurse's kid) and suddenly found herself without marketable skills at nearly age forty. I'm sure that's what happened to her.

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