Saturday, August 14, 2010

Die! Geezers! Die!

I am of course not for nationalized/socialized health-care in any form. What we need is a completely free market in health care. Costs would go down, the quality of treatment would go up, and we’d have more and better innovation.

Under socialized health care, there will always be shortages, which manifest themselves as rationing. Sarah Palin had the perfect description: “death panels.” That’s exactly what would happen.

In northern Europe hospitals very rarely save premature infants. They’re put off to the side to die. In the rest of Europe, once you reach a certain age, you don’t get treatment, just painkillers.

In Canada there is such rationing people who need treatment come to the United States. Lousy Canuck parasites!!

So if in the United States, if we choose nationalized health care, how should we ration it? Should we spread it equally among everyone?

Ha! No way! Personally, I think geezers shouldn’t get any treatment at all. They should just die! It’s their patriotic duty! It means more for me!

Since the older population is burgeoning, it’ll cost a lot of money to treat it. Astronomical amounts of money, actually. The largest portion of U.S. federal government spending is on socialized transfer programs.

Now of course this transfer spending is okay is it’s spent on me. Just not on geezers!

I think anyone over the age of 65 should get no treatment at all except painkillers. None! Zero!

What good is someone over 65 anyway? It’s not like I want to have sex with a 65-year-old woman! Blech! I want to have sex with teenage girls, specifically in between 14 and 16, preferably blond (two of them at the same time whenever possible, like the rabbi in the Woody Allen movie).

In fact, geezers shouldn’t even be given any place to stay. Let them stay with their kids! Or on the streets! Have those seen those plush retirement centers? I’ve seen them with swimming pools and in-house cinemas!

Kick the residents to the curb and open those places up to young people who need somewhere to stay! Darn those greedy old geezers, sucking up gazillions in Social Security!

We have to start using propaganda to demonize geezers. Since all propaganda is based on narcissism, tribalism and emotionalism, we have to portray geezers as an evil non-human tribe impoverishing us and greedily sucking up our wealth so they can live high on the hog while the young live in cardboard boxes! Darn those greedy evil geezers!

For that matter, why send the young to fight in wars? War is always about enriching the wealthy and impoverishing everyone else. There is no exception to that rule. Since geezers are the wealthiest of all age groups, since they’ve had time to accumulate wealth through the years, they’re making money off of young people dying in wars. Evil geezers! Send them to fight! (How’s that for some propaganda?)

Think of all the hundreds of billions of dollars saved by booting all those geezers out in the cold! The only exception to this is of course own my parents. They’re a different story!

Hey, when the State gets involved in something, people are always going to fight over who gets what from it. That’s its nature, and it cannot be changed. Under the free market, everyone wins. With the State, one person winning is someone else losing!

So, since everyone is going to be fighting and there are going to be winners and losers, I choose me over you! Sorry (well, not really), but that’s just the way it is.

Tough luck for those who lose in the fight over who runs the State! As long as I win, of course.

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