Friday, January 27, 2017

Not Only Was Obama Utterly Repudiated But the Entire Bush Crime Family

It's obvious that not only was Obama and his destructive policies completely repudiated, but also the massively destructive policies of the anti-American, globalist, leftist RINO Bush Crime Family. That’s why Jeb!’s candidacy was utterly destroyed by the people who rejected him – and no Bush will ever hold political office again. And thank God for that. The American people are tired of them and the death and destruction they have wrought on this country – although it has greatly benefited them financially (they have been involved in business for decades with the bin Ladin family, which is why Shrub flew them out of the U.S. back to Saudi Arabia the after day after 9-11…when all other planes were grounded. Even though the FBI protested since they knew we were attacked on 9-11 by Saudi Arabia, not Afghanistan, not Iraq, and wanted to interrogate the bin Ladin family).

Obama didn't do anything but go on vacation and improve his golf game. But at least he was not a messianic nutcase like the incompetent, brain-damaged (from his 20 years of alcoholism) Dubya Shrub. Who I'm sure still thinks God chose this blasphemer to be President. Did he think he was/is the equal of Jesus, who this loon said was his “favorite philosopher”?

Trump isn’t an enigma to me. He’s a patriot and puts America first, which neither Obama or Shrub ever was or ever did. His talking about “grabbing them by the pussy” is irrelevant except to obese, unattractive leftist “feminists”…the ones who supported rapist Bill Clinton no matter what he did.

Trump at least changes his mind when he’s wrong. I wonder what’s he going to do when he realizes he’s not going to be able to rid the world of Islamic terrorism? Perhaps it might happen when we stop supporting the blasphemous anti-Christian, anti-American state of Israel (which has spies all over the U.S.) – which was when our problems with the Muslim world started.

What happens in the Middle East – where there has been war for the last 4000 years – is none of the U.S. government’s business. I don’t give a goddamn what sand kaffirs do to each other – or the sheep they take turns fucking (which I saw on an attack helicopter’s video) or the young boys they love to sodomize so much. As long as they do it over there.

Whatever we do over there will fail – the way it has without exception for the last 15 years…and long before that.

As I’ve said before, Satan is walking to and fro up and down the earth – and only the completely self¬-deluded think we can stop it.

You can’t change someone’s culture and religion. Many people would rather die and they will kill anyone who humiliates them by trying to destroy their way of life. Turnabout’s fair play, right? That’s a law of life.

What we need, more than anything else, is to have no Muslims in the United States. Europe is learning the hard way when they let these rapists and murderers in.

Anyone who thinks we can rid the world of Islamic terrorism is invited to get their cowardly chickenhawk asses over there and fight. But they never will. Chickenhawks can only run their mouths and have nothing to back it up. Like all cowards, they have no honor or bravery, just cowardice and self-deception.

No Muslims in the U.S. – no terrorism here. It’s as simple as that. And when Islamic immigration to the U.S. is cut off it won’t be temporarily. It will be permanent.

The U.S. is an empire of military bases. And all empires have fallen, without any exceptions. The same thing is going to happen to us. Anyone who thinks it won’t happen is an utter historical ignoramus. We can either withdraw voluntarily or be forced out.

I expect Trump to start withdrawing militarily from the world. That’s why he said NATO was “obsolete.” It is – and let Europe defend itself and stop sucking on our tit. He’s putting America first, the way he’s starting to do economically.

Trump has done more good in a week than Obama or Shrub did in eight years each.

Sixteen years of clusterfucks! We've been involved in the Middle East longer than we were involved in WWI, WII and Korea combined! My God, enough is enough!


Quartermain said...

I never thought I would say or think this, but for the first time I finally have a President that I like, respect and admire. Did I just phase into another time/space continuum or parallel universe?

As for sand kaffirs, I would say they were saner, better and healthier before a pedophile psychopath false prophet came along. They were better off as Christians and I would like to see them come back to it.

A Texan said...

Of course too many deluded chicken hawk morons like him think invading Iraq was a great deal for everybody.

I'm not sure yet how much non intervention Trump will do militarily. That has yet to be seen. We really do need to stay home. Plenty of problems of with the new Ford aircraft carrier and Zumwalt class destroyer; maybe we will be staying more often after all unless Trump can these things to.

Glen Filthie said...

Why Bob - there's enough in that pant load to qualify you for citizenship in Tranna! HAR HAR HAR! YOU'RE trolling ME! HAR HAR HAR!!!

We'll be going back there eventually of course - to finish the job. We're probably okay for now - thanks to Dubya and his Pop the rag heads will take us seriously and fear us now. Hopefully they'll be smart enough to fear Donald Trump the same way they feared the Bush Patriots. America had better have another strong President lined up to follow Trump or those monkeys will start up again in earnest.

A Texan said...

So Glenn, when will you be volunteering for deadly service in the ME? Come'on, you are pretty mouthy about this issue, so you would be willing you yourself to die in such a cause, right? And put your money into to?

Coward chicken hawk Glenn, all talk, small balls.....

Farm Boy said...

I am with you Bob. For one, NATO's mission was over about 20 years ago and should have been disbanded. I guess Trump was making nice w Teresa May this week with his statement about supporting NATO; I guess we'll see. We ought to get out of Putin's back yard and let Europe and Russia work it out themselves--the end result is not necessarily that they are going to kill each other, and more likely to be the opposite. It is not 1956 any more.

We've got too much military all over the world at tremendous cost with very little return except mainly a big price tag and a ton of heartburn. Bring the troops home. and yes kick out the muzzies, deport them all and leave them alone in their middle eastern paradises. End the insane "we fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here" stupidity!! Well we've been fighting them over there a long time -- and somehow they still keep killing us over here (another stupid phrase from moron shrub).

Farm Boy said...

someone needs to explain to me what we got in return for our $2T and who knows how many dead and wounded and maimed soldiers in the Iraq fiasco. I love our military but WTH were we doing over there. My heart goes out to family who lost loved ones. If there is a threat that needs military attention, I say go in, TCOB, and then come home. I agree w PM May who said this week that we aren't getting involved in such things in the future. It's bad geopolitics, and bad economics. Think of what we could have done here in the US with $2T. It's what we get for following advice of Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Karl Rove et al. I think Trump is going to rethink all this and shrink our global military footprint, and save some $$$ and US soldiers in the process.

Glen Filthie said...

Well, FB, You had - operative word, HAD - viable economic interests in the area. Investments in that region are such that if you can't defend them with force - you lose them as Kuwait did. The mistake I see our host, and many of his visiting simians is the same: they look at what happened, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and some historical revisionism.

Bush had to look not only at what was happening - but at would COULD happen. Saddam had WMD's - we know this because we sold them to him as did our allies. He even used them on the Kurds. The man publicly threatened Israel, America and Britain at every opportunity. He followed up on the threats he made against Iran, Kuwait and other arab nation states. He may not have had nukes - but he fully intended to get them and would have had not the west intervened. He almost certainly would have used them. Bush et al knew what they were doing when they decided to take him out. I am at a loss to explain why our host doesn't see this and assume he does it to create controversy amongst his erudite readership. Mission accomplished Uncle Bob!

Trump, Clinton, and anyone else in that boat would have made the same call. What scares me is that others are too clueless to see this for themselves. The dim bulbs are congratulating themselves now that the boys are home and America is out of the region - but the ball is still very much in play no that Uncle Sam has his pants down and his back turned. Iran is stoking up that nuclear furnace using material smuggled in from Iraq, no doubt.

Long story short, the game is still very much afoot - all you clowns did was ensure that the body count is going to be a few orders of magnitude higher than it needed to be had you done the job right the first time as Bush saw it.

Farm Boy said...

GF, Really haven't much of an idea of the points you are trying to make, but to a clown like myself, you sound like one tough hombre that should be over there in the middle east cleaning things up, given your x-ray vision and crystal ball of the future and the world. We're only down $2T over there in Iraq. Maybe you can get together with Susan Rice and Samantha Power and reshape the world in your perfect vision. After Iraq maybe you can fix Pakistan. I mean, who knows what might happen over there? Maybe you can Susan and Samantha can use more US troops and taxpayer $$ to bomb the place to smithereens in a preemptive attack. Mr. Self Appointed Decider of the Universe.

I say clean up your weaponry, load up on ammo, and get on a plane over to the middle east and kill all the bad guys. Maybe you can burn some villages in order to save them. Does "revisionism" have 5 syllables? Impressive!

Farm Boy said...

GF sure isn't one to allow facts and reality to get in the way of a mindless, addled rant.

Twarog said...

I don't approve of pointless and unnecessary wars at all, but if we absolutely had to have one, why couldn't it have been against Saudi Arabia instead? It's perfect terrain for US military strengths- lots of open, empty desert, sparse civilian population (no bad publicity on CNN), runs entirely on one resource (oil) that we can easily render useless by bombing the wells and blockading the coast. We wouldn't even need to commit ground troops, just fly over and bomb the crap out of everything. Shut down the oil trade, and they'd abandon their cities and turn back into nomadic desert bandits within a month. All their military equipment was bought from us, so it's not like we don't know their weaknesses. Plus, nobody actually likes the Saudis- not even other Muslims, who move there thinking it's the "Holy Land", and then get promptly sold into de facto slavery, and who are sick of the Saudis funding Jihadist fanatics in every other Muslim country on Earth.

Anyway, it's hardly necessary now. Supposedly, with oil prices so low, the Saudis will be stone broke within five years- ten years at the very most. Thank goodness.