Monday, January 30, 2017

Fixing the Problem Isn't All That Hard

”One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” - Old saying

”Political power is the game of playing God.” The Thousand Year War, Richard Maybury

”The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations, to have as little political connection as possible.” - George Washington, 1776

The United States was founded on political and military non-intervention in any other county's affairs (before the U.S. got involved in WWII there was a famous organization called “America First” - sound familiar these days?). All the Founding Fathers had wisely advised this. They knew history in great detail. Engage in trade with other countries but nothing else. It worked just fine for about 150 years – until the U.S. got involved in 1898 in the “Spanish-American” war (which came about because the U.S. had a warship in a harbor in Cuba.). That’s when the American empire started – the one scheduled to collapse someday, as all empires have collapsed, almost always in massive death and destruction and societal and governmental collapse).

Want to fix our problems in the Middle East? The answer is simple. Withdraw our troops from over there completely (Chickenhawks who delude themselves we should stay there and murder/get murdered are invited to get their fat, lazy, cowardly asses over there and put their money where their mouth is).

The Muslim world used to consider the United States its friend/ally until we started supporting the blasphemous, anti-Christian, anti-American state of Israel (which is a temporary country created in 1948) - which has the most spies of any country in the United States, some of which have been executed for treason and others imprisoned for decades for spying/stealing secrets (and almost all of Israel’s land was stolen from Arabs – imagine that! Jews stealing.).

Trump has not only cut off immigration from Muslim countries (he should include Saudi Arabia, which attacked us on 9-11) but is instead letting in persecuted Christians (this is a Christian country, no matter what lies Muslims and Jews and others tell - and there are very good reasons Jews have been expelled over 100 times from the countries that were stupid enough to let them in – and always for the same reasons: stealing, lying, spying, treason. Even U.S. Grant tried to expel them from his jurisdiction during the War between the States – for attempting to make shekels from treason.).

World War I was just another European war in a very long line of them and none of the U.S.'s business (Thomas Jefferson correctly called Europe “nations of eternal war”). The fact we got involved and screwed it up horribly led to the rise of Hitler (who originally was praised by Churchill and FDR) and the Nazis and the genocidal atheist Jewish Bolshevists in Russia. And we know to where that led – which we are still paying for today).

We aren't going to change the Muslim world and impose the Leftist delusion of democracy on it (or anything else) - which was something the Jew spies and traitors in Shub's administration confidently claimed (one said they would be “singing songs” about us instead of killing and maiming us as they are now doing).

The solution is simple: withdraw from the Muslim world and stop supporting Israel. Let no more Muslims come to the U.S. and deport the trouble-makers. And let no more Jews in the U.S. either (Jews have supplied more spies and traitors to the U.S. than all other ethnic groups combined).

There has been religious wars in the Middle East for 4000 years – and that’s not a war the U.S. can win unless it kills everyone, which we are not going to do. Can’t do. As far as I'm concerned Jews and Muslims can kill each other to their heart's content - over there. Remember - Satan is "walking to and fro and up and down" this earth. And supporting one Satanic religion against another Satanic religion isn't going to work at all. Can Satan throw out Satan?

Problem solved! But that was too easy for an incompetent, cowardly, bullying self-deluded, left-wing messianic nutcase like Shrub (who has been the only dynamic grave digger of the United States in the 21st Century) and his equally cowardly, incompetent and moronic "advisors." All were in thrall to their Monstrous Selves – which meant none of them in their arrogance and self-delusion knew their limitations and lacked wisdom and common sense.

I hope to God Trump has more sense than the moronic Shrub – and thank God the Bush Crime Family has been utterly repudiated by the American people. Fortunately, Trump has been putting America first - so far (which is something the never-worked-a-day-in–his-life, born rich dim-bulb globalist Shrub never did). Like all people intoxicated by political power (which is the power to turn people into corpses) the coward and weakling Dubya couldn’t handle the responsibility (which he said God handed to him). It’s why he’s already gone down in history as a catastrophic President – and has already been forgotten by the American people.

Trump should start closing down the American empire (he correctly called NATO “obsolete”) – and let the nations of “eternal war” support themselves militarily). All empires collapse anyway – which is something the Founding Fathers were well aware of. We can either withdraw or in the long-run collapse. That’s the history of the world, without exception.

No Muslims in the U.S. - no terrorism. No American troops over there - no terrorism. And with no more murdering and otherwise humiliating the Muslim world – no more revenge from them. Anyone who doesn’t recognize this simple truth isn’t just a historical ignoramus – they’re stupid.

”Not a place on earth might be so happy as America. Her situation is remote from all the wrangling world, and she has nothing to do but trade with them.” - Thomas Paine, 1776

”Never has so much arithmetic employed on any subject, as that which has been employed to persuade nations that it in their interests to go to war.” - Thomas Jefferson

”Political power corrupts both the morals and judgment.” - Richard Maybury


Carnivore said...

The ironic thing about it all is that the USA has the two oceans as natural boundaries. We were always best placed to be able to live and prosper in peace. Unfortunately, that's too boring for our sociopathic rulers and elite. After all, what's better to dispel a little ennui than a war and make a profit to boot!

A Texan said...

Not to nitpick Bob, but America has been at war almost since the beginning. There are some real questions about the Mexican American War and the Indian wars, but not like they would not have done the same if they had the means.

I'm for extremely limited government as envisioned by the founders, but even some of the libertarians are retards on this immigration issue.

Glen Filthie said...

I might go along with that IF you could secure your borders and deport all moslems. You'd probably have to get rid of half your homegrown feral niggers too. Assuming you could do all that. I'm not sure Uncle Sam could absorb the hit of losing all your foreign investments and assets though. Fact is I can see more than a few unintended consequences from that triggering another depression level economic shit storm.

Not to sure about the overt anti-Semitism creeping into the political right. Boy oh boy... there's gonna be some useful (and some not-so-useful) fools getting culled in the days ahead.

Stock up on ammo and popcorn, boys.

Farm Boy said...

Well stated Bob, I am on board w that program. All muzzies out, stop immigration (we still trade of course DUH!!!), and bring home nearly all the troops. NO more global empire fanta$$$y games with dead soldiers, riled up locals, and crippling debt.

General P. Malaise said...

the islamic world did not consider American friends. The barbary wars were the making of the USMC.

The American ships were plundered and the crews killed enslaved or ransomed since before the US was independent. the pilgrims lost a ship to islamic piracy. columbus sailed east to reach the spice islands because the mediterranean was controlled by islamic states and they would not trade with Christians. Prior to the islam the Arabs traded with Rome and the Europeans. The dark ages were due to islam.