Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fat Ugly Feminists Finally Getting Some Exercise

One good thing about all those fat ugly leftist/feminist women protesting against Trump is that they are finally getting some exercise. If they keep it up for the next eight years they should finally lose a lot of weight, which should make them happier. At least I hope so.

Women are much unhappier now than in the past. You can blame a lot of that on them being infected by feminist ideology, even if they don’t know they are infected.

I saw some of the protesting women interviewed on TV. Too bad it’s impossible to delete some images from your brains. Fat (or scrawny, sometimes) and unattractive is not a good memory. And such memories are for life.

The first feminist I ever met was in my first semester in college, when I was barely 18 years old. She was overweight, unattractive and loud in class (I remember the instructor told her she was going to “die horny”). As the years went by I realized almost all of them were like her.

The only attractive feminist I know about is Gloria Steinem - and she's nuts. She always has been. Most of them instead looked like the late, monstrous Betty Friedan (who somehow managed to marry a wealthy man and have children, which made her a gigantic hypocrite, as all leftists – in her case, a Stalinist – are. She also wrote The Feminine Mystique while living in a mansion on the Hudson River, attended by housemaids.).

I get the impression - in fact I know - that these women lack love and sex and family and happiness – which they can only get from a man. That's the problem. Some of them have probably never been laid in their lives. A vibrator doesn’t count.

I've said before everyone seeks meaning, importance and community. If a woman is denied love, husband, family and children because she is hostile/overweight/unattractive then she has to find those qualities somewhere else. Like protesting with a group of like-minded women – her “family” - against the “racist, sexist” Trump (Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn correctly defined Leftism as based on “the murder of the Father”).

Spinsters cause a lot of problems. In fact it was spinsters who put Hitler in office (almost all the men voted against him). Hitler purposely targeted such women for propaganda – and it worked! That’s because most women are ruled by their feels, not their reason.

I've said before women shouldn't be allowed to vote unless they are married and have children.

I once wrote an article about how such women should get free plastic surgery, which drew a lot of comments. If this surgery was successful it would save us a hell of a lot of problems. In fact, every woman who has ever verbally attacked me has been unattractive – mostly overweight with thick, unattractive features. The attractive ones I’ve never had a problem with.

Leftism is based on envy and hate. So, if there were no ugly, fat (or scrawny) women, envious and hateful of better-looking women, then there might not be much feminism.

L.P. Hartley once wrote a novel titled Facial Justice, in which all women were required by law to get plastic surgery so they all looked alike. Envious, hate-filled, unattractive feminists would settle for that – if all women were brought down to look like them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is a good reason the “serpent,” (actually nachash), which is a symbol of envy, in the story of the Garden targeted a woman.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Isn't "mandatory cosmetic surgery" just as phony and unnatural as sex-change operations?
People are who they are. Take them or leave them. Not everyone can be "your best friend".

Glen Filthie said...

There is a meme going round based on your assertion that "25% of all women in North America are suffering from mental illnesses like depression" It goes that "That leaves 75% of 'em that haven't been diagnosed yet!"


I think you are bang on the money with this and it's pretty much clear to everyone now that there is something deeply wrong with a lot of our women.

Twarog said...

Maybe most feminists are naturally unattractive, but I see a lot of feminist chicks who seem to have gone out of their way to make themselves look uglier than they really are- weird haircuts and dyes, piercings in places that shouldn't have them, obnoxious tattoos, hideous clothing, etc- but who would actually be pretty cute if they hadn't purposefully disfigured themselves. There must be something wrong with their heads, rather than their bodies.

Unknown said...

I've blogged about this one feminist I grew up with and in her adult life is fucking ugly. 56" hips, 5'4", over 200 lbs, pasty white, she brags on Facebook about how she only gives her husband one blow job every month. And he, from what I gather, is massively low self esteem, I can't imagine sticking my dick in her. I would need a lot of money at $2M and lots of drugs to get it up to fuck her. And she talks about her period in detail on FB and doesn't get the hint that no one, not even other females want to hear about it.

With all that said, I can see why these tribes had rituals where they would usually throw a virgin into a volcano. Imagine having an ugly chick in your tribe that no one wants to be around, no guy wants to fuck her, in fact no one likes her, and no guy wants to take care of her. So what better way to get rid of her, come up with some bullshit notion that a virgin woman, hence the ugly chick, has to be sacrificed to keep the volcano god happy.