Friday, July 3, 2015

What Real "Rape Culture" Looks Like

I'm not sure how this non-existent "rape culture" meme got started in the United States. I know the concept is ultimately leftist, and leftism is based on envy. So it appears to be an attempt to bring men - specifically white men - down because of that envy. Of course, being directed at white men, there is not a word about the horrendous rape statistics among black men.

But there is no Rape Culture in the United States. There has been some version of Rape Culture in the past, though, but not in the U.S. And in some parts of the world, even today.

Again, I turn to the Bible, which is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand human nature.

Let's take the Book of Samuel, which was apparently written by someone in King David's court, because he certainly had intimate knowledge of the goings-on in it. He had the dirt on everyone. (In fact scholars refer to him as the Court Historian.)

Under real Rape Culture, the law does not punish the rapist - if he is politically connected. Isn't that the way it always is? One law for the average person and another law for the rich and politically connected?

The rape described in Samuel is an unusual one for even that time - a man raping his half-sister. Sex with one's sister, or half-sister, or brother, is strictly forbidden in the Old Testament - not that such a thing matters to the rich and connected.

The rapist was one of King David's many children. Amnon, who raped his half-sister, Tamar.

Amnon, somehow, decided he was in love with Tamar. He pretended he was sick and asked his father, David (who is mentioned more than a thousand times in the Bible) to send Tamar to nurse him back to health. King David orders Tamar to visit Anmon in his room.

There Amnon rapes her. Then he does something that on the surface is very odd - he flips from "love" (actually lust, since he cannot tell the difference between love and lust) within seconds of raping her, to hate. He literally kicks her out of his bed, telling his servants, "Get this thing away from me!"


It's pretty obvious what is going on here. Amnon first idealizes Tamar, then after he is done with her, he devalues her. These days this is know as narcissism, which the Greeks called Hubris and the Bible, Pride.

In narcissism one first idealizes, then devalues, sometimes within seconds. And that is what happened with Amnon. Narcissists don't feel guilt, but they are excruciatingly sensitive to being shamed and humiliated. Logically, then, Rape Culture would exist under shame cultures, not guilt ones. And the West is a guilt culture. The culture during Tamar's rape was a shame culture - just as the Middle East is today. Which is why women are murdered for bringing "shame" onto the family.

King David does nothing about Tamar's rape except rant and rave, then forget the whole thing. This doesn't say much about David, but then, he was an immensely flawed man, one who indulged almost all of his appetites.

This rape ruins Tamar's life. She hides for the rest of her life in the home of her full brother, Absalom (who later has his men-at-arms kill his half-brother Anmon, and I'm sure Anmon, a self-absorbed narcissist, was as shocked as could possibly be when several swords were stuck into him).

Today, on the other hand, an accusation of rape, even if completely untrue, can ruin a man's life. That's not "rape culture," when an innocent man has no rights when a psycho woman who lacks any sense of guilt decides to ruin his life for whatever demented reason she conjures.

I once asked my mother, who worked for decades in the night ER at the local hospital, how many women who came into the hospital claiming rape were lying. She told me 90%, but then, I come from an awful area, so her observations can't be generalized across the country.

But I've always remembered what she said.

I don't know how many false accusations exist. But I know it's a lot.

The Bible, which has been mined for literature for hundreds of years, has been used for movies and television extensively.

Years ago, when I saw the movie, The Last Picture Show, the one scene that stayed in my mind is when Clu Gallagher, who is playing a middle-aged man, has sex with a teenaged Cybil Shephard, on pool table, I believe. Afterward he can't wait to get rid of her, ignores her and won't even look at her. The look on his face verges on a cold hate. Now where did the writers get that scene from?

Gallagher's character clearly had no guilt and was only concerned with his feelings.

I once watched a deposition a woman made on tape for the police. She was claiming two men tried to rape her and then tried to cut her throat. I know one of the men and the idea he would do something like this is preposterous.

All of us watching were laughing. She was giving contradictory answers and often stopped to "think" (if you can call what she did thinking) trying to justify her accusations. I don't know how the cop kept a straight face.

I don't know how many rape accusations are false. Apparently it's a pretty big number.

I do know that all these false accusations will end up trivializing real rape. It'll get to the point, and real soon, where there will be a backlash. Remember the story about the Boy Who Cried Wolf? After a while no one believed him even when a real wolf showed up.

For that matter, there is not a word about all the men raped in prison. There are a lot of men that suffer this. Now that I think about, there are many instances of the attempted rape of men in the Bible. That's something you'll never hear about in church.


Unknown said...

Then there is the actual story of false rape happening to Joseph in the OT:

kurt9 said...

Rape culture definitely exists all right. Its just not in the U.S. Certain place in the Muslim Middle-east as well as Sub-Saharan Africa has rape culture. The Swedes seem to be importing a bit of it as well.

It is certainly puzzling how the western feminists are not so keen to defending women's rights in the Muslim Middle-east and other places.

Shaun F said...

I would have used "Objectify", "Idolize" vs. "Idealize" but I agree with the point. When we objectify people we view them as products to be used for our pleasure. In Canada domestic or sexual assault are charges that result in automatic prosecution by the Crown, lawyer fees, time in court and often times lives destroyed. Women can't even recant now.

Glen Filthie said...

Meh...if it's crazy, don't fuck it. It's that simple. The lesson the bible tries to impart is - know who you're getting in the sack with.

Ja D said...

In a sane society false accusers would be jailed.

Unknown said...

'In a sane society false accusers would be jailed.'

In a sane society we would have a better understanding the emotional consequences of casual sex.

It's not the actual sex the women are doth's the fact the man threw them out, because he ended up hating her.

Robert What? said...

Entering a false charge of rape carries essentially no risk for the woman, since they are rarely prosecuted. And I think the back lash has already begun. I think most people now immediately wonder whether she's lying. Except for SJWs, who believe a woman was raped if she decides she was raped.