Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Pleasure and Procreation"

Edith Wharton, one of the best writers of the 20th century and a very smart woman, once said women getting the vote was low on the priorities of most women of her time because, to quote her, women were made "for pleasure and procreation." And by use of those things they could get what they wanted from men.

What she meant, unstated, was love. She clearly didn't just mean sex, because love (with sex) is one of the greatest pleasures that exists for men. And it can be one of the most intense, lifelong pleasures for men.

She's right, of course. And most men will work harder when they have love and family. Without those things we get PUAs and MGTOWs, with today are so common there are names for them.

Without something greater than themselves to sacrifice for, men will live just for themselves, and work just enough to support themselves. Freud, for all his weirdness, did write that "work and love" were the keys to happiness.

What's more important? The infinitesimal changes created by voting? Or raising the next generation?

Some years ago I was standing in line next to three women who were talking to each other. One said she loved being a stay-at-home mom. I wonder how much money her husband made for her to do this?

These days, overwhelmingly, the standard of living has to be decreased for a mother to stay at home with the children. In the past one man, on his salary alone, could support a family and have a nice house. Those days are gone for a long, long time.

I know a couple who have moved into a rural area, where the kids are homeschooled by the mother, which consists of walking around in the woods while she explains things to them.

They live in a rural trailer and the husband barely makes a living.

Personally this sounds like heaven to me, since I spent my early teen years wandering around just looking at things. The only thing I watched on TV were Saturday morning cartoons, which apparently don't exist anymore. Otherwise I had no use for it.

How many of you have even seen a mud puppy? A snapping turtle? A snake swimming in a lake? Wild bamboo and wild onions? Caught a crawdad? Found lit flares by the railroad tracks and realized they burned underwater? I did these things by 12.

I just wished I had a mentor to wander around with me and explain things.

Public school was worthless and for all practical purposes I could have dropped out after the first grade.

The only time I enjoyed school was when I was in the gifted program one summer inbetween the sixth and seventh grade. I went to school maybe one-and-one-half hours a day.

Some women, unfortunately, are deluding themselves they "can have it all."

They can't, contrary their hallucinations. What I have seen are women working horrible minimum-wage jobs. Never married and divorced, nearly every one of them. A lot of them are not fulfilling their purposes. Most men aren't good enough to them to love and they're busy aborting tens of millions of babies. "Pleasure and procreation?" Not anymore.

Most especially when women are not reproducing the next generation, which is why we are not at replacement level. And as for pleasure - not when some women are busy with "career," are fat, can't dress, and if they can "dress," overdress and put on their make-up with a paint roller. No wonder half the men are not married, with exceptionally unpleasant choices such as those.

What's better? Not having the vote and having home, husband and children, or having the vote and not having home, husband and children?

Women shouldn't be allowed to vote. I point out often that women voted Hitler into office. Without them, he never would have made it. Men overwhelmingly voted against him.

They also voted Barry Soetero into office, who is busy trying to destroy the United States.

I once knew a woman who thought Barry was a great President. I told her the truth - that he was a half-breed crackhead homosexual Commie who clearly knew so he little he could destroy the country. She was so outraged she never spoke to me again.

Many women - probably about 80% - are natural socialists/fascists. They don't understand economics or political science but are absolutely convinced they do. That's downright scary.

That's the reason women have throughout history been denied the vote, because once they the vote they destroy everything.

Now we have 50% or so of people not married and not having kids. That means a long slow slide to the End of Society as We Know It.

Most women, as always, will blame everything on men. Even when they screw up everything, they'll still blame it on men.

Enough of them have gotten easy, high-paying jobs (created by men) and when they look around for a "suitable" man they find he's not there. And of course, that's the man's fault for not having a college degree and some high-paying indoor job.

There are not enough men with college degrees to be matched with women with college degrees. Those are just the facts and right now nothing can do done about that.

I know a woman who has a high-paying sinecure she does at home on the Internet. She also told me "men were responsible for all the problems in the world." That's not the only time a woman had told me that. Both made a lot of money from jobs that were created by men. They're eaten up by envy and resentment.

And if a man does have a high-paying indoor job, why in the world would he be attracted to a woman like that? Or do women think men judge women on those characteristics?

They don't.

Men without love and wife and children will decrease work and their standard of living because they have only themselves to support. They're spend their time with hobbies and their friends.

Women want to increase their standard of living and get outraged when men are no longer going along with their desires.

Exactly how many women can figure out the problem? Not many, apparently.

I first noticed not in high school but in college mediocre women who put an exceptionally high value on themselves and expected men to be attracted to them. And were outraged when things didn't go according to their plans. They never had a clue what the problem was.

It's not hard to tell the future. Men, who created about 99% of everything in the world, will be working less and creating less. Marriage is on the rocks and is worth less and less for many men. Children not being born. And many women ignoring their part in the creating the problem and blaming everything on men.

It won't last, of course.


Anonymous said...

Why men should not get married:

"The national divorce rate is 50%. (It's higher in some parts of the country, like CA) However, I ask you, consider of the number of people who are in a bad marriage, but elect to stay. (Men who don't want to lose 50% [at minimum, but most likely more], ....women who know they can't support themselves alone, etc) Next, think of how many more couples stay together just for the sake of the kids. Of these, "forced marriages, consider how many of these marriages involve infidelity. A shot in the dark, but I estimate the percentage of happy & monogamous marriages to be under 5%. Are these odds you would take in a business venture? Or even a raffle ticket? Most of the risk-averse population would not. Yet they seek this exception to the rule everyday at the altar."

Marriage sucks:

MGTOW'd Out said...

[Laughs] Marriages sucks for YOU. For those individuals who are married, it's generally wonderful. Men and women ought to decide whether or not to get hitched.

Unknown said...

You know nothing about me except what I tell you. And I never said I was the arbiter of who does or does not get married. I'm just stating what many men believe.

I still wonder if you are a man or woman.

Kenneth said...

When women say, "Men are to blame for everything," they are only partially right. Men who allowed women to vote, men who continue to be white knight manginas for women propping them up instead of letting them fall are to blame.

The Obvious said...

I still wonder if you are a man or woman.

I honestly wonder why you don't ban this shitposting troll.

MGTOW'd Out said...

"I honestly wonder why you don't ban this shitposting troll."

Indeed, anony 12:32 p.m. and Kenneth are pests :)

Anonymous said...

Those women will be culled and patriarchy will return:

Robert What? said...

@Bob, re: MGTOW'd Out, I'm always bemused by his type of conversations - most frequently heard from feminists (male or female):

You: I don't think women should have the vote.
Feminist: How dare you tell me I can't vote.

You: I think there are no benefits anymore for most men to get married.
Feminist: How dare you tell me I can't get married.

Again, the inability to discern fantasy - or in this case opinion - from reality.

Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed that hasn't been discussed, either here or elsewhere. A lot of American men hate their fathers and this is not a new phenomenon. Many men who had lousy fathers they despise decide not to become husbands and fathers because their childhoods gave them a negative view of family in general and fathers in particular. They view family as a necessary evil at best and they reject family life based on their bitter memories.

MGTOW'd Out said...

"Those women will be culled and patriarchy will return"

Oh, dear, you forgot all the darkies who are having kids who will vote Democrat. You know, for the free stuff.

"Again, the inability to discern fantasy - or in this case opinion - from reality."

Girlfriend, it won't be anytime soon that women who are American citizens lose their right to vote. Don't even know why you go down that path. Moreover, people can decide for themselves whether or not to get hitched. I think you should be more concerned with the PUA's of the world who promote the single marriage or children, just sex by any means necessary.

"One thing I've noticed that hasn't been discussed, either here or elsewhere. A lot of American men hate their fathers..."

You're correct, it hasn't been discussed, probably because it's bullshit, unless you have specific evidence. What constitutes "a lot"? What trends suggest that American men today "hate their fathers"?

Unknown said...

"Oh, dear...Girlfriend,"

I'm convinced you are a woman. Youur style is that of a woman.

MGTOW'd Out said...

Ok, Bobbie, whatever you say. But, in the end, your dead wrong.

Unknown said...

"your dead wrong."