Thursday, March 8, 2012

Utterly Worthless Degrees

Back in 1956 -- almost 56 years ago as I write this -- William Whyte wrote The Organization Man.

Much of it is now obsolete, but some of it is still true. For example, Whyte pointed out that education majors had the lowest IQs, followed by business majors.

What he wrote is still true today.

Education degrees are worthless. All you need can be taught in one class. How to teach children their ABCs? Have them sing them. Who doesn't know that anyway? And how long did it take for me to teach that? One sentence.

A person can have a Ph.D. and teach college, but cannot teach high school, middle school, or grade school. This of course is nonsense.

Business degrees are also worthless. Bill Gates dropped out of college. Did Andrew Carnegie have a degree?

I not only don't believe in education degrees, I don't believe in public schools. The dumbest college graduates are now teaching our kids? And becoming principals? Oh my God!

The highest IQs belong to philosophy majors. Of course they can't find any jobs, although I did know one guy who managed a carwash. He also redesigned it to make it more efficient, and the company started using his design.

If I ran a business, I'd hire liberal arts majors, then train them. And, I'd guarentee you, I'd run my competitors out of business.

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