Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Everyone Envies Me

Actually they don't, but I am so low-envy that for many years I was essentially clueless about it. Then after thinking about it for many years, and reading about it, I realized it is the worst and most destructive emotion in the world. It is in fact the only one of the Seven Deadly Sins that isn't any fun at all.

When I was about 21 I had a very attractive girlfriend. I was mystified at the things she told me -- guys telling her (but not to my face) that she could do better than me. And telling me to my face they were going to steal her from me (I laughed at them about that one and told them they were welcome to try).

Then there was the problem with short guys with the Little Man Complex.

There are two main defenses against envy. The first is to devalue the person, which was what has happened to me once than once -- and it has always involved guys trying to get women who were with me.

The second one is to overvalue yourself, and that's what I've notice about Obnoxious Midgets with the Little Man Complex. ("You may be taller than me, but I'm smarter than you, I make more money, I lift weights and can beat you up, etc. etc.")

I think that both defenses go together, but it's that one defense tends to be stronger than the other.

This defense against envy is why there is such a brutal attack on white men as the Cause of All Evil in the World. It's a defense against the fact that white men have created about 97% of everything in the world.

These defenses against envy have even poisoned the relationships between men and women, since so many women put men down, i.e., devalue them. "Men are the cause of all the problems in the world...I can't find one who is tall, handsome, well-to-do, loyal to me...won't give me home, husband, children.." so as a defense against the perceived power of these men (and the envy of them) they have to be devalued.

Since 49% of people are not married (and 60% of those in college are women) we are looking at a coming devastation that is even worse than the problems we have now.

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