Monday, July 30, 2012

James Holmes was a Lunatic, not Brainwashed

Whenever something bad happens the Conspiracist Crackpots immediately come out of the woodwork and start hallucinating. James Holmes was brainwashed. He had a chip in his head. It was a false flag operation.

It’s all bullshit. Brainwashing doesn’t exist, contrary to those with the vapors. There are no Zombie Robots who will murder on command.

The retired psychiatrist James Gilligan spent 35 years dealing with thousands of murderers, trying to find out what they did what they did. Every time what he heard was, “He dissed me [my wife, girlfriend, parents, friends, children] so I killed him.”

One day he realized what he was hearing was the story of Cain and Abel – a story thousands of years old that explained why people murdered other people. Cain murdered Abel because he was rejected, humiliated, insulted, shamed. He blamed it on his brother and murdered him.

People in the past were just as smart as we are. They figured out what causes murder thousands of years ago. Aristotle also figured it out, and St. Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas,and many others. Gilligan and other modern-day researchers just rediscovered ancient wisdom.

Murder is about the desire for revenge, to replace shame with pride.

Holmes was a complete loser with women. He was consistently rejected by them. I doubt he had even kissed a woman, just like the Korean shooter in Virginia who murdered some 30 people.

Holmes had been on a sex site trying to find women, and was rejected by every one of them. To use a Manosphere term, Holmes was an omega -  a complete loser with women, one who's not even in the game.

Additionally, he was mentally ill, apparently from schizophrenia. On TV I saw his eyes wandering. That’s a side effect of psychiatric drugs (I don’t call it medication) and one of the main side effects of these drugs is increases in murder/suicide.

I doubt Holmes even remembers what he did. There have been cases of people taking their first dose of psychiatric drugs and then waking up three days later with no idea of what they did.

A schizophrenic on murder/suicide “medication,” a socially inept loner/loser rejected by women, who was just kicked out of school…he was sending out red flags all over the place.

You want to reduce murder to the minimum? Replace it with meaning, purpose, importance and community. Get rid of humiliating, rejecting, bullying and abusing people.

Good luck with that

The Conspiracist Crackpots, because they are deluded, can’t see the truth in front of their eyes. Unfortunately, they’ll never change their minds. Believing in non-existent conspiracies is just too much fun.

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