Thursday, July 5, 2012

American Christian Fascists

If fascism ever comes to America it won’t be through insignificant groups such as American Nazis or the KKK, both of which together could field a couple of softball teams. It might come through ignorant, blind “Christians,” specifically the blood-thirsty Christian Zionists who support utterly unnecessary wars.

This kind of CHRINO (Christian in Name Only) not only supports the State; they think they should be in charge of everything, so they can impose their perverted version of Christianity on society and make it a state religion. That is a horrible idea and there is no good to it (the Founding Fathers, from painful experience, were utterly opposed to state religions).

In their perversions the CHRINOs uncritically support Israel, and wide-ranging wars, because they think by doing so they can kick-start Armageddon, get Jesus to swoop down and slaughter all the “infidels” (first those infidels were the Communists, now they’re Muslims).

None of the CHRINOS think they’ll have to experience Armageddon, because they’re convinced they’ll be wafted to Heaven in the Rapture. They believe they’ll be watching from on high as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse romp to and fro and up and down all over the world.

Look how popular those “Left Behind” novels are, the ones that exult in Jesus as Terminator. Tens of millions of copies of these blasphemous books have been sold to foolish, murder-minded Christians.

CHRINOs are completely deluded, and as such are easy to manipulate through propaganda. They think all Muslims are the same, a completely homogenous group. Then all of them are dehumanized. Then they’re demonized. The next and last step: murder them.

Homogenize, dehumanize, demonize, murder. Propaganda doesn’t get any simpler than that.

As for the belief in the Rapture, it is profoundly anti-Biblical, not that being anti-Biblical has stopped anyone in the past from using religion to slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Yet because CHRINOs support the State, and because there are millions of these people, they are one of the main political groups that support the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also blindly support Israel, although they rarely mention they believe most of the Jews in Israel will be slaughtered and the rest converted to Christianity.

Most people I know who think about these things believe the wars in the Middle East are about oil, Israel and empire. Roughly speaking, I’d say that’s true. Many people howl about the political influence of the Israel lobby. But how many people know about the influence of the Christian Zionists? Without them the “Israel lobby” would be impotent.

When Jesus went though his Three Temptations he was offered political power over all the kingdoms of the world. He refused it. Clearly political power is Satanic. Therefore any “Christian” who supports the lying and wars and theft by the State is ensorcelled by Satan. Even Martin Luther referred to the world as “the Devil’s playground.”

In fact Jesus never supported the State even once. I get the impression he was more of a libertarian than anything else. How some “Christians” can support the State is beyond me. The only thing I can conclude is that they are pseudo-Christians. After all, as Shakespeare wrote, the Devil can quote Scripture.

The State always goes after the politically weak and insignificant (which are always referred to as cults). It went after David Koresh. Then there was Ruby Ridge. But the politically powerful? They are kowtowed to. That’s the way it is with these Christian fascists. They have political power. And that’s a shame.

I wonder what’s going to happen when Jesus doesn’t come back. Will these people change their minds – or instead redouble their efforts? I suspect they’ll redouble their efforts (like the Cowardly Lion, they think if they close their eyes and chant “I believe” long enough it’ll come true). Few people can afford to give up their religion, even if it’s utterly wrong. It’s easier to stay blind and fall into a ditch.

I believe we will be involved in these wars until we run out of money and the American Empire collapses. The country will survive, but the federal State will not. And I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go, considering what it’s turned into – a war-mongering, thieving, lying, mass-murdering behemoth.

These kinds of self-deluded “Christians” were noticed hundreds of years ago. Erasmus, a contemporary of Luther, referred to the average Christian of his time as “enslaved by ignorance and blindness” – an observation of his I used in the first paragraph.

I couldn’t agree more with Erasmus’s assessment, not only for his time, but even more for today.

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