Monday, December 27, 2010

A Trip to the Paradise of Cuba

I haven’t seen this guy since before 9-11, so I seriously doubt he does this anymore, because of the Security Theater at the airports, which like everything Orwellian, catches the innocent and misses the guilty.

This is what he would do: every year he would but the largest suitcase he could and fill it with blue jeans, socks, soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, perfume, make-up, toilet paper and all the rest of the items we take so much for granted we don’t even think about them.

Then he would fly to Mexico – Cancun, I believe – where the authorities would give him a separate piece of paper to be stamped instead of his passport (because you’d better not have a Cuban stamp on an American passport), then fly to Cuba.

There he would pass out all his goodies, make friends for life, buy a couple of boxes of Cuban cigars, leave the big suitcase down there, snuggle his cigars back in a little suitcase, sell them at home, and get his trip for free.

Pretty smart, I’d say.

He told me that all those things we take for granted, a lot of them Cubans don’t have. Other things they do have, but they are rationed. Toothpaste? How about one tube every six months. Clothes, food, soap? All rationed.

What do Cubans get for being so short of everything it has to be rationed? A health-care system (a very good one) that whacko leftists praise to the heavens and think should be imposed on the United States.

Okay, fine, let’s impose such a health-care system on the U.S. But let’s not pretend that to not get shortages and rationing in the health-care system itself, we’d get shortages in everything else. Because when you concentrate all your resources on the health-care system, you’re not going to have much left over for everything else.

Leftists like to pretend none of this will happen. This is why the late Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn commented, “Leftists don’t merely misunderstand human nature; they don’t understand it at all.”

After all, Americans aren’t risking their lives floating 90 miles on dangerous home-built rafts to Cuba. It’s the other way around. They’re willing to desert their vaunted health-care system…for some perfume and toothpaste

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