Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laws of Political Science

The primary subject of political science is the struggle for political and
economic power.

Political words cannot be taken at face value.

The only permanent war is between the “elites” and the masses.

The masses are almost always inert, i.e. sheeple.

History and political science is the study of the elites and their relationships
with the masses.

Politics is based on Force and Fraud.

The primary goal of every elite is to maintain its own power and privilege.

Two opposing tendencies apply to all elites: to maintain its own power and
privilege, and to let in those from below.

The second one always wins, which is why no social structure is permanent.

A “revolution” is when the elites are replaced by another, oftentimes when those
from below force their way in..

A very small minority always rule the majority.

The only way to stop the elites from absorbing everything is through
opposition, which is why liberty is necessary and imperative.

A very small opposition can have a great impact.

There is no such thing as “the State” or “government,” only several groups
of elites who have gained political power.

The elites always say they speak for the masses when in reality they only
speak for their selves.

The elites can manipulate the masses through propaganda.

Sometimes the interests of the elites and the masses coincide.

The masses do not, in fact cannot, think.

Since the masses cannot think, they are maintained by “myths” which
generally espouse their own greatness and the non-humanity of their

Wars are started based on the beliefs of the elites.

Soldiers are propagandized into believing they are fighting and dying for the
defense of their country when it reality it is for the beliefs of the elite, which
results in the maintenance of the power and privilege of the elites.

War is therefore a racket, as is “government” in general.

Only power can control power.

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