Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Worst Prick/Playboy I Ever Met

Back in college I knew a guy who was not a friend, but a friend of a friend. We weren’t enemies but I did not like him, and he didn’t much like me. Since we had a friend in common, we were cordial to each other.

This guy was fairly good-looking, so what he would do is target vulnerable women – not very attractive, pudgy, sometimes not all that smart.

He’d convince them he wanted a serious relationship with them, have sex with them two or three times, then dump them. I have no idea how many times he did this, but it was a lot.

He had what was apparently a permanent leer on his face, which, it appeared, many women could not see. I didn’t like him long before I knew what he was doing. There was just something about him that rubbed me the wrong way.

After college he became a podiatrist, and used to place ads in the personals. Of course, he always mentioned he was a doctor.

He’d date these women until he had sex with them, then not see them anymore. Some of them called him up and cursed him.

One woman in particular had made a fatal mistake – she’d had a kid by black man. Of course, he was gone five minutes after she was pregnant, just as Obama’s drunken kaffir of a father was gone five minutes after he impregnated his white trash mother.

It’s a fatal mistake because any white woman who had a kid by a black man has immediately, permanently removed herself not only from the marriage market, but the dating one.

My player acquaintance saw this woman long enough to have sex with her, then dumped her.

This guy was of course a prick, and still is, but I cannot let any of the women off of the hook. A friend of mine once told me, “If Julia Roberts wanted to date me, wouldn’t you think there is something wrong, somewhere?” Answer: yes.

These overweight, unattractive women apparently really thought that a guy who was much better-looking than them was truly going to be interested in them. Pardon the pun, but fat chance of that.

Then there is the “doctor” scam. If a guy who advertises he is a doctor instead of a nurse, he’ll get more responses. Why? Do these women think he’s rich and going to support them? If he’s mercenary, then aren’t they?

In college he did meet one woman in whom he was truly interested. She never dated him, but did meet him for a study date at the library. After that, she never saw him again, since she almost immediately saw into his wizened soul.

Our friend in common knew this woman, and told our Lothario than she was seeing me every once in a while. Our mercenary friend was crushed. The one woman he was interested in for a real relationship – and she was seeing me, and wouldn’t see him.

It isn’t surprising he was devastated, but it is ironic. And the fact she went out with me and not him is why he never much liked me.

Men are much better judges of men than almost all women are. If a woman has any sense, she will ask several guys what they think of who she is dating. If she gets a bunch of negatives, she might want to pay attention to their opinions instead of her own.

If I had told any of these women this guy was a prick and using them and would be gone in three days, they would have not believed me and gotten mad at me, and told me what a great guy he was, and and probably run and told him what a horrible person I was. Then, three days, some of them probably would have come sobbing to me looking for sympathy. Sorry, I'm all out. Which is why I never told of them what he was. It's their problem, not me. Stupid can't be fixed, except possibly by the School of Hard Knocks.

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