Monday, November 30, 2015

People With No Sense of Humor

Michael J. Fox once said people with no sense of humor are the scariest people he knew. He was exaggerating but I know what he means.

The people I've known with no sense of humor are always self-righteous - which means they think they are always right. That's means they are sadistic and cruel - and they don't even know that. Of course, they always rationalize their behavior.

So, yes, Fox had a point.


ray said...

I guess those with a sense of humor take it for granted. It seems innate. But apparently there are people with little or no enjoyment of humor, which surprised me. I dunno what percentage and would be afraid to look. Skeery.

That would be quite a curse, not to appreciate humor, not to laugh. Michael Fox may be pretty close to this, something to do with arrogance and lack of empathy. Too insecure to risk humility perhaps.

Mindstorm said... - definitely NSFW. Might be triggering for some. :)