Monday, June 22, 2015

A Bullet Through the Head

I've mentioned I owned a taxi for five years and the only problems I had were a few guys running off without paying. But I was never shot, stabbed, beaten or robbed. How?

Situational awareness.

I knew one driver, in his late 60's, who picked up a shabbily-dressed black man in a very ritzy area. I would have driven right off with my doors locked (they were always locked) because a shabbily-dressed black man has no legitimate business in such a high-priced area.

But my friend did pick him up. The passenger immediately put a .38 pistol against my friend's head and pulled the trigger, then jumped out and ran (he was caught and got something like 30 years).

The bullet went straight through my friend's head, hit nothing, and came out his cheek. He drove himself to the hospital, walked into the ER, and collapsed.

When I asked him if he suffered any long-term damage, he said no, except he had a plastic eardrum. He also knew the exact amount worker's comp paid for his surgery: $142,634.73 (I just made that up but he knew to the penny what he surgery cost, and it was over $100,000).

Every driver I knew who was shot was shot by a black male. One elderly black driver I knew was shot in the back of the head point-blank by a 15-year-old black kid armed with a .22 pistol (he also got 30 years).

Since the visual part of the brain is in the back, the bullet hit him there (and he told me it was still lodged there since the surgeons weren't going to cut on his brain to remove it).

He said the only side effect he had was that his eyes watered, which they were doing when he told me this story in the taxi office.

His mistake? He picked up a 15-year-old black kid.

I had exceptional situational awareness. In other words, I was paranoid. It served me well for five years.

Such situational awareness/paranoia is always a characteristic of a nulticultural society - and driving a taxi is as multicultural as you can get.


Unknown said...

It seems at least once a week the news has a story about a dindu shooting somebody. Just today a story was on about one who shot a child and her mother. That's borderline animal behavior. Thanks to a combo of destroying the family through abortion and rampant sexual deviancy and staying on the liberal plantation they keep descending to the ranks of animals. It has nothing to do with white privilege.

This isn't racism to avoid them or have nothing to do with them, it's common sense based off evidence and trends.

Rusty Shackleford said...

I buy and sell cars on craigslist. A college student was just recently murdered in St. Louis doing the same thing. I correctly guessed the circumstances before they even announced that they had a suspect because of the locations involved in the story and the background of the victim, but the details and a photo of the murdered, Taylor Clark, and his murderer, Michael Gordon, are at this article . Clark was a bright kid (he'd just finished his second year as an engineering major), and he followed the guidelines about meeting in a public place and so on. Politically correct guidelines aren't really enough, though, in a country where young black males (about ~4% of the population) commit almost half of the murders.

There's about maybe a 0.0001% chance that I would have ever met with someone like Mike Gordon after initial texts or calls when selling a car. If somehow a meeting to show the car was arranged, I'd drive away at the first sight of him. You have to guess that all Clark's instincts were telling him to do the same, but he was by all accounts a nice kid from the sticks, who'd probably ingrained multiculturalism as well as any of his other lessons. Every element in our culture and education establishment has declared a war on pattern recognition or in this instance what you'd call situational awareness. He probably would have thought of discriminating on race as being just as egregiously wrong as forgetting to add C to an anti-derivative in one of his calculus problems. His high school principal might as well have hit him on the head with a ball peen hammer as he handed him his diploma for all the difference it would have made. Just example 313,432,122 of how political correctness makes us stupid, transcribed and tossed down the memory hole.

Think how crazy it would be to work as a cab driver in Helsinki or some homogenous whitopia like that, where you can just do your job without having to worry about people killing you.

Fredrick said...

The kicker is when I try to tell other people (whites, hispanics, etc) about this stuff they say I hate my own race (I'm black) and don't believe it.

If I was walking the street and a group of shoddily dressed black males were heading my direction I'd cross the street. Has nothing to do with me hating myself, my race but simply common sense.

I know black people account for most of the crime rate in the United States despite being a disproportionately small percentage of the population. I kind of understand why other blacks get angry and attempt to deny it when I bring it up with them (I understand it, but don't agree with it). What I don't get is why other people, particularly whites say I'm crazy when I bring it up with them.

Rusty Shackleford said...

I once heard a white person call East St. Louis "a little sketchy."

Fredrick said...

That's like saying the ocean is a just a bit damp.

Unknown said...

"A college student was just recently murdered in St. Louis doing the same thing."

Some people have lost their instinct for self-preservation because of their fear of being called racist.

About half the drivers I knew were black and the stories they told me were unbelievable because they worked mostly in the black areas, which is why I tried to avoid unless the person was what we called "a regular rider" - and the dispatchers made of point of emphasizing that. Usually they were dressed in their work clothes, as if to say, "I'm just going to work and mean you no harm."

I remember one time I picked up two black teenage girls to take to school than I picked up a black kid dressed like a gang member. The girls looked at him walking to the car and said,
"Oh my God what is THAT?" and when I told him he was going to school they calmed down. He turned out to be a decent kid, just looked scary to them.