Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Leftists are Emotionally Four Years Old

"Crowds destroy and do not create." - Gustave Le Bon

I understand leftism intellectually. Perhaps I even understand it better than leftists do. But I don't understand leftism emotionally. I have a hard time even imaging what it's like to be a leftist.

I do know leftists are about four years old emotionally, because they blame all their problems on other people. It's called projection, which is the fancy psychiatric term for scapegoating.

The biggest red flag to identify a leftist is when they use the word "hate" all the time, which they apply to anyone who disagrees with them. It's their own hate they are projecting. The Southern Poverty Law Center is as close to a perfect example of this dynamic.

The first defense people engage in is projection. Apparently it runs back to our being infants, if researchers are right.

I once caught my four year old nephew stealing some loose change out of my car. When he saw me he ran and fell down. The first words out of his mouth were, "You made me fall down!" It wasn't his fault; it was my fault.

I am reminded of a scene in Jaws in which two boys are caught pretending to be sharks. One points to the other and says, "He made me do it!"

When people are always blaming their problems on other people it's a pretty good bet they're leftists.

Leftist politics does not unite; it divides, because it encourages each special-interest group to blame its problems on someone else. What that results in is conflict, not harmony.

Since projection is the first defense people engage in - even if they don't know they're doing it - those who tap into this defense can manipulate people. It's made worse by the fact our perception goes though our emotional brain first before it reaches our rational brain.

So all you have to do is tell people it's not their fault, that their problems are caused by someone else, and many people will fall for it.

The masses will always fall for it. The masses - herds of people - don't think. In fact they can't think. Only individuals think. The masses operate on childish emotion, which means all masses are about four years old intellectually and emotionally.

Only individuals can be rational. Herds of people cannot.

I suspect herds of people are always inherently leftist since they can't think, they operate only on childish emotion, and they always blame their problems on other people. Then, of course, they'll want to get rid of those people.

Whenever I see a charismatic person I never believe want he says. The masses always do, at least at first. These kind of manipulative, charismatic people can actually cast a spell on the masses ("spell" means the use of words).

In fact I stay out of large crowds. Only crowds can riot. Who wants to be stuck in a beast that can't think, is a child emotionally, and wants to find someone to blame its problems on, even if that person is completely innocent?

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Enbrethiliel said...


I know an eighty-year-old woman like your four-year-old nephew. Once, when I was in the bathroom in her home, she knocked on the door, and before I could say anything, she opened it. She was really surprised to see someone in there and said, "Oh, I'm sorry! . . . But you should have said something!" What was interesting to me was the way the very tone of her voice changed between the embarrassed first line and the accusatory second line.