Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Feminists Are 98.7% Wrong

Carl Jung and one of his interpreters, Marie Louise von Franz, said one of the main difficulties for many women is to give up the belief she is always right. Jung called this a “sacred conviction,” that many women have. This can certainly be interpreted as meaning: Men are always wrong.

“One may suddenly find oneself up against something in a woman that is obstinate and cold,” von Franz writes. And, I’ll add, irrational and hysterical.

There is a one-man play called “Defending the Caveman.” I’ve never seen it, but once heard the author interviewed on a radio comedy show. He said that while men consider women mysterious, women consider men wrong. During one show, he related, a woman stood up in the audience and shrieked, “They ARE wrong.”

Did she understand she was hysterical, irrational, obstinate – and wrong? Of course not.

Unfortunately, the influence of leftist/lesbian feminism on women increases what Jung identified as their main flaw: that they think are always right and men are always wrong. It is why, even today, I still hear about things that don’t exist – “patriarchy” and “white male privilege” or how women are “oppressed.” It’s also why even these days I hear the mantra, “Men are responsible for all the trouble in the world,” completely ignoring the appalling evil women have done.

Writes Erich Neuman in The Origins and History of Consciousness,“Since the unindividuated woman has not consciously developed any of her symbolically masculine qualities (e.g. logic, leadership, need for independence), her personality is apt to be taken over or ‘possessed’… so that she appears opinionated, argumentative, or domineering to others, though she will not think of herself that way.” In the words of Jung, ‘[J]ust as the anima of a man consists of inferior relatedness, full of affect, so the animus of woman consists of inferior judgments, or better, opinions.’”

In simpler terms, women who are opinionated, argumentative and domineering think
they are logical and capable of leadership, but aren’t and don’t know it, and are therefore irrational and don’t make much sense. Gloria Steinem once said, “Logic is in the mind of the logician.” That’s nonsense, but she doesn’t know it and will never figure it out.

(Parenthetically, Steinem has been correctly described as a “hopeless romantic, dependent on men, and a serial monogamist.” She led her life the exact opposite of what she prescribed for women.)

"But," writes von Franz, "if [the woman] realizes who and what her animus is and what he does to her, and if she faces these realities instead of allowing herself to be possessed, her animus can turn into an invaluable inner companion."

The key to this process for woman is that she must question her most sacred convictions, e.g. believing men are always wrong and she is always right. “Only then can she accept higher wisdom from the unconscious that contradicts the opinions of her animus,” writes von Franz.

Jung observed the good “male” aspect in women consists of courage, initiative, objectivity, and spiritual wisdom. Women cannot get those things on their own. They can only get them from a man. If she does not have these things, she can retreat into a dream-filled cocoon of what she believes could have been, instead of engaging in life. I have seen it happen more than once.

A woman who has a warped animus can become reckless, engaging in brutal emotional scenes (which they often claim is “honesty”), are full of empty talk and silent, obstinate, evil ideas. To them, men are always wrong, and they often wish to control, dominate or destroy them (which is the goal of leftist/lesbian feminism) – as I have seen some mothers do to their male offspring.

"By nursing secret destructive attitudes," von Franz explains, "a wife can drive her husband, and a mother her children, into illness, accident, or even death." It is therefore not surprising that women are responsible for two-thirds of all child abuse, and they are twice as likely to abuse boys as girls.

You can see the amima/amimus projected into politics. Liberalism, which is feminine, is, in its extreme form, full of brutality, recklessness, empty talk and those silent, obstinate, evil ideas. It also believes those who disagree with them are always wrong. Conservatism, in its bad form, has little respect for nature and the environment, and is supposed to be totally rational and masculine, with little or no room for “irrational feelings.”

If the animus of many women is warped, and they have silent, obstinate ideas about men, whom they think are always wrong, and are opinionated, argumentative and domineering…these days most of it is due to the 40-plus years of feminist propaganda.

These days, and for the past few decades, many women have been propagandized into thinking they have been abused and oppressed by “patriarchy” and “white male privilege” – things that don’t exist. This leads them to believe men are always wrong, and they end up hostile and bitter and full of empty talk which solves nothing and in fact causes only trouble.

In other words, these kinds of women, for all practical purposes, are always wrong. It’s the same reason that leftism (which is feminine) is always wrong (the only reason it’s occasionally right is the same reason a stopped clock is right). Or as Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn wrote, “Leftists don’t merely misunderstand human nature; they don’t understand it at all.”

This warping of women by leftist feminism automatically leads to the warping of men. When women think that men are always wrong, and become hostile and bitter, men return this “favor.” It’s one of the reasons the Manosphere exists; it was an inevitable reaction to feminism.

Unfortunately, the reaction of the Manosphere to feminism idealizes “the Alpha,” the correct name for which is “a cad,” all of whom lie to, and abuse, women, whom they generally don’t much like or have respect for. My experience with cads is that they end up like Cal in Titanic (dead) or John Malkovich’s character in Dangerous Liaisons (dead) or Michael Caine’s character in Alfie (alone after having lost everything).

What Jung’s theories means is that no one can be whole unless they become aware of the negatives about themselves and overcome them. It applies not only to people, but also to societies. Jung called these negatives “the Shadow” and said that people project them onto other people. In other words, because these women, warped by radical feminism, are always wrong, they project it on men.

Jung said the acceptance out of own flaws and not projecting them onto other people leads to “a transformed state of consciousness, relatively whole and at peace." Not perfect, mind you, but for most people, they can’t really ask for much more than some wholeness and peace.

It’d be better than a lot of what we have now.

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